There I am, drinking my sage tea, hoping it will ease my pain.

Will make the terrible feeling in my lung go away.

So uncomfortable as if my lung is being tied;

my voice is being dragged into silence.

I look at my old friend.

He is warm and cozy,

All familiar and fees like a home,

A bit broken maybe but that is ok!

Making myself another sage tea, hoping it will finally ease my pain.

Still feels like my lung is being strained by an invisible chain.

I look out my window, memories fill my eyes with tears;

I will always miss my old friend.

I look at the new one which I have to befriend.

He is cold and distant,

So new and probably trying his best,

But looking at him, I end up anxious.

Again pouring myself another sage tea, hoping it would just ease my pain.

But I started to realize the tea won't stop my face from being plain.

As much as I want to refuse and shake my head;

I must admit that I am sick.

I do not want to lose my old friend,

but I know I have to say goodbye.

I should just accept the new one,

but I feel how I will silently drift away.

I started to accept my fears and tears, just living with the pain;

No tea can ease nor stop my voice from fading away.

Silently smiling for my old friend and the familiar voices he contains;

Not daring to look at the new one even once again.

So all I can do is for myself to admit.

- I am heartsick.


Fairy Dust



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