Here it begins

"Tommy, John has escaped 3 hours ago. I need you to gather a patrol and search for him. Do not attempt to shoot him no matter what." Dr. Henry told Tommy, the city's chief of police, over the phone.

"What is it with you Henry? You want us to go against a super-powered guy that can kill us within seconds," said Tommy.

"No, just don't show him that you're following him. He's extremely dangerous and has a nervous irritability. Don't make him nervous, and do not use bullets on him. I need him alive Tommy, alive!"

"No problem with that. I'll prepare the best snipers to the closest streets to your lab. And don't worry, we won't kill him, we'll just knock him out." said Tommy.

Tyler woke up from his coma. He couldn't breathe well as he was his breathing was very heavy.

"What happened to me and what were you about to tell me, Anna?" Tyler asked her.

"It's alright Tyler, we're trying to figure that out. I will tell you later. It's not the perfect time for that now." Said Anna.

Tyler looked next to him for John, but he wasn't there.

"Ugh, where's john, Henry?" Tyler grunted.

"When you fainted he ran away but we couldn't see him escaping. But don't worry we'll find him as soon as possible."

"Let's just worry about your condition and not John's, Tyler! " said Anna.

Tyler had a nervous look on his face and was starting to feel worried about himself again.

"What happened to me? It was worse than before." He told Anna.

"Your body has already adapted to the voltage produced but your nervous system was highly unstable. It's very complicated." Anna explained.

"'Was?' That means that I'm good now, right?"

"No Tyler, actually you're not that good. We just gave you some medicine that has calmed your nervous system down." said Dr. Henry.

Dr. Henry's phone started ringing "I have to take this, Anna please explain to him. He need to know everything." He quickly walked out of the room answering his phone.

"Yeah Anna I need to." said Tyler, sitting up slowly. He was almost quaking but managed to keep a good balance.

"Well let's start with you; so you know that your DNA sequence has been changed, well it has been changed permanently and we cannot reverse that at all." Anna said.

"But I already know that, what is the big deal then?"

"The big deal is that your body is refusing to emit the electricity out of your body. It's more like the electric charges are trapped inside your body and cannot get out; so the more electricity produced, the more danger you will be exposed to. So we must find a solution."

"Oh my lord, what happened to me!" Tyler was in despair.

"It's really mysterious whatever the meteor has unleashed from chemicals or electricity, it is dangerous to a normal human. Thank god your body has adapted or you would have been dead by now." Anna said.

"Thanks to you too, whatever you have done." Tyler nodded.

Then Tyler came up with an idea to fix his problem after silently thinking.

"But you say that the electricity is trapped, right?"

"Well yeah, so?" Anna asked.

"Doesn't that mean that there's no permeability from the electricity inside my body to the outside of it. So what if we somehow are able to allow some electricity outside my body?" Tyler asked.

"Theoretically, if we somehow were able to let something connect between your nervous system and outside of your skin so you can control the electricity, it will no longer be trapped inside your body. God what a genius you are Tyler!" Anna conjectured.

"Thanks, it just came in mind but how can that be done Anna? Is it even possible to make something like that; and how will I be able to control it?" Tyler smiled.

"You told me before you were kinda afraid or something. Or your adrenaline levels were high; then you produced sparks, which means there's not actually a zero permeability. However, your body reacted differently 3 hours ago, and that gives us hope." Anna said.

"If I was afraid, if my adrenaline level in blood was high, that may mean that whenever I'm afraid I can emit electricity from my bare hands! Which probably means any increase in my adrenaline level is accompanied with an increase of electric emission! That's amazing." Tyler said.

"So basically if we're able to create some sort of device that allows more electricity to get out of your body and control your adrenaline level in blood, you will be able to control your body; and you will not be sick" Anna was so happy about the fact that they can really help Tyler.


"Turner, we need to discuss it tomorrow at 9 A.M. We'll meet you there." said Dr. Henry to Turner, the director of NASA.

After the call ended, Dr. Henry entered the room and was surprised to see that certain look on Anna, knowing she came up with a solution for a problem.

"You both seem excited for something!" Dr. Henry laughed.

"Basically we found a way to fix him." Anna stood up. "It's just theoretically but it may work."

Then Tyler explained everything to him, and Dr. Henry understood.

"I get it Tyler, but the only thing is, I can't do it. This situation needs a friend, one who is not here now." Dr. Henry said.

"Who? Why can't you do it? Anna and I can help." Tyler insisted.

"I'm sorry Tyler, but this thing you wanna make will need a biotechnology expert, and only one I know who can do that isn't here." Dr. Henry explained.

Tyler was able to stand up perfectly fine. Dr. Henry's phone began ringing again. "Sorry kids I really have to take this."

"We have eyes on him, We are clear to shoot him!" Tommy's voice was shaking. He sounded afraid to knock out a super-powered human.

"Shoot him!? We agreed not to kill him Tommy!!" Dr. Henry became extremely anxious.

"Don't worry it's not going to kill him, He'll just sleep for a while," Tommy explained, "in order to make him sure he won't be harmed at all."


Year : 1994

Location : Detroit

The sound of the distinct cry of the baby comfort his parents.

"Look at him honey, he looks just like you."

"How cute am I then! No, he is a way better version of you, Lina." Said the father and he was truly happy for having the first kid.

"What would you like to name him?" Lina smiled.

"John is a good name, it suits him too."

"I think it's great name for him honey." Said Lina as she help him close in her arms.

Lina gave him the child and smiled like she knew it would be her last smile in her life.

Suddenly like Lina's thought about her final moments came to be true. She started having a hard time breathing. Her husband started panicking, calling for help. Between her sinking breaths, she spoke the best she could for him to understand.

"Whatever happens honey. No matter what, promise me to keep John safe for his entire life. Promise me dear, promi–" Her heart attack was finally taking her life. Her heart rate monitor only beeped on one ongoing beep.

"No please! Lina, stay with me!" Tears fell from his eyes excessively. There was nothing the doctors could do. The moment of her death was full of grief, was full of darkness, that moment her husband hated everything in life except for John.

--present time--

"Anna you really have to say something. Aren't we going to talk about this, your abilities?" Tyler asked Anna.

"Tyler it's not the–"

"The best time to talk about it I know. It's the best time to tell me who are you. What are you? I saw you in front of that apple that you cut into fragments. How is that even possible?" He was upset that she kept hiding this.

"It's complicated Tyler, it's–"

"It's what? You made John pass out by your hand. Exactly what is it Anna? And wait you were saying you are from another dim-- everything I heard before I fainted, what were you talking about?"

"Tyler! I'm from another dimension."

"From another dim... dimension?" Tyler stuttered and asked, "Does that even exist? Other dimensions, how many are there?"

"There are a lot of them. I'm from the third one if you will.”


"And in the dimension I'm from, there are earth and people like us. They are not like the people here, and neither am I."

"What do you mean by that?" Tyler had nothing to say but that and was really excited.

"We may have similarities but we do have many differences."

"Differences? Like what?"

"Like this." Anna showed Tyler full x-ray pictures of her body and everything appeared normal except for her brain. It was kinda different in look than a human brain in the first dimension, Tyler's dimension.

"Anna, what's that?"

"That is my brain, our brain makes us so brilliant than the brain in this dimension. Our brain capacity is nearly unlimited, that we can study and memorize all of sciences. We have impressive and intelligent civilizations!"

"That is a whole lot to take in, Anna."

"I know Tyler, believe me I know."

"So you have an earth in that dimension too? Is there anything different in your solar system?"

"Nothing different but mars"

"Mars? Are there aliens in your dimension!?" Tyler was fascinated at the thought.

"It's not like that, humans live on Mars now in our dimension. Most of the entire planet population lives there."

"How.. how can life exist on mars, it's a dead planet."

"It was a dead planet but no longer. Our entire planet was in great danger, global warming was threatening our life, but we used the help of the second dimension. They have people like me and they're the reason I'm this way now."

"So how did you use super-telepathy?"

"It's not telepathy, it's more than that." Anna responded.

"What is that then?"

"We have the ability to manipulate the electrons, the atoms, and the molecules. We can change the chemical and the physical form of anything. But I can't do that that much, my body can't handle it."

"Then, how did you guys change the atmosphere?"

"We–over one million people–manipulated the atoms of the atmospheric layers. We also melted the poles of Mars. We decreased the percentage of carbon dioxide from ninety-six percent to point twenty-six percent; and that led the oxygen level to rise up from point fifteen percent to nineteen point ninety-eight percent. We also–"

"Hey hey hey, stop! How could u do that if the martian gravity is not even enough to hold its atmosphere?"

"I'm sorry Tyler, I know it would sound extremely unbelievable and crazy. My world is different than yours, but we increased the martian gravity to equalize it with that of Earth's!" She laughed.

"What now? How? I know you can control the electrons and stuff but changing a planet's entire gravity. It's like you guys terraformed Mars!"

"Well, we had some help."

"Help? From who Anna? And please don't say from another dimension."

"Uhmmm well, we only used the help of one guy from the fifth dimension."

"The fif– what is it with you guys! You can get contact with whole other dimensions as you like? And we here still make theories about those creepy look stupid alien that might one day be coming to invade us!"

"Haha, that's cute!" Anna smirked.

"Cute... Yeah of course, cute. Not!"

"Hm anyway, the Mars in my dimension has breathable air, has normal gravity, and it's a habitable planet now. Eighty percent of our earth's population has resided there."

"Wow, eighty? Is this what happened? Someone just suggests, 'Hey guys lets terraform a planet!' And you all say, 'Meh, a piece of cake.'" Tyler was so baffled.

"Anna we got him, Tommy is bringing him to the bed." Dr. Henry rushed in.

"Okay Dr. Henry I'm going to prepare everything needed to keep him from using his powers on us."

"And by that you mean your abilities?" asked Tyler.

"You told him, Anna?" Dr. Henry's voice became louder.

"Dr. Henry, he needed to know. No one else will ever know. I'm sorry." Anna apologized.

"In the meantime we need to–" Dr. Henry began to speak until the news interrupted them once again.

"Right now we have a terrorist attack at the bank of america , as people claim to have witnessed a man touching a car, causing it to explode within a matter seconds." said a TV reporter on the National News channel.

"It looks like something from a science fiction movie, that guy was like a super powered comic villain!" said an eyewitness in front of the bank with an expression of fear and surprise.

"What is that Anna? How do they have powers? Wasn't it just me and John that were the only ones affected?" Tyler said fast as he was starting to feel panicky and nervous.

"Anna, check our satellite for any recent abnormal events in our city." Dr. Henry was doubting it.

"There's something weird above Harrison street that happened. It appears another portal opened there! I'm on checking the surveillance cameras on this street from 3 A.M."

"Okay do it fast."

"I am on it." Anna said. Tyler was as always surprised by the high tech computers they were using.

"Tommy has arrived. I will help him move John to his room." Dr. Henry ran to the exit.

"Multiple witnesses have seen people fighting each other suddenly in central park." A voice said on the TV.

"What? Is that a super human who can cause people to turn on each other?" Tyler wondered.

"Who knows, maybe." Anna said while using the computer like she was programming something.

"What are you doing?" Tyler came over to her.

"I have spent nearly 11 months making an algorithm. This that can connect all of city surveillance cameras and Civil Registry files with citizens' pictures in order to use it to find anyone on the streets using facial recognition."

"That's brilliant Anna, you impress me."

"Always will do, I promise." Anna smiled. "The algorithm is done and tested. I'm activating it now."

The screen showed an alert of activation of the surveillance cameras. Then a video window popped up, showing what happened exactly at 3 A.M. on Harrison street.

"Oh my lord the portal was too close." Tyler said.

"Yeah and that rock is the same as the one that struck you and John, which means something is going wrong in the dimensions. It seems someone has a purpose for doing this." Anna replied.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Uh, it doesn't matter now, my facial recognition program recognized that two guys were struck but that isn't lighting. What is that? That is something else and what kind of rock is that? Look, there's blueish gas."

"That's weird!" Then something caught his eyes. "Whoa whoa whoa, the portal took it's rock back." Tyler and Anna were both shocked as hell.

"The identity of those men are Augustus Lucas and Evan Lucas."

"Oh well look at that." Anna talked to herself aloud. "The Lucas brothers, they were the best bullying brothers in my elementary school."

"Wait, so now there are super-powered villain brothers. Cool! " Tyler followed.

"If we don't go out there and stop them a lot of people will get hurt and many may die."

"Not cool!" Tyler stopped smiling.

"Anna, Tyler, the police can't handle them any more you both gotta go and stop them!" Dr. Henry said as he entered the room.

"Hey Tyler, ready to bully some bullies?" She grinned.

"Of course I am, just give me my hood and you gotta wear one too. We don't want people to see our faces." Tyler reminded her.

"Of course. He's right Anna, and also take the communication devices. You might need my help!" Henry said.

Both of Tyler and and Anna wore black hoods and the communication devices. They both got on a slick black motorcycle and went to the tracked location of the brothers.

"Here it begins!" Tyler thought and felt like he was going to start to play the hero of a story.


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