I can't go!
I cannot leave this place,
Even though it has been just a year
Since I have been here
For the very first time.
Where did all the hours go?
Didn't I just start?
So why do I already have to say
Goodbye now on this tearful day?
I knew that this would happen,
But it happened much too soon,
And I wish it was different,
I wish I could stay
To follow you among your way,
To see you how you grow older,
Grow stronger and wiser,
Until it's your turn to leave.
You'll go your way and I'll go mine
And it may hurt now, but in the end we'll be fine.
I was afraid at first,
Afraif of what was to come,
Afraid that I wouldn't make it,
But now there's not a second which I regret,
So, thank you, for a year I will never forget,
And it's hard, so hard
To think about leaving,
To think about not coming back tomorrow
To think about going away,
With tears in my eyes, wishing I could stay.
You taught me to believe in myself,
Not to give up if things get rough,
And you gave me so many memories.
Here I am with a heavy heart,
Knowing a new part of my life is soon going to start,
But just for now, just a little while,
I'll cling to the past,
Wishing it could be my future,
And then, with a little sigh,
After a year, now it's time to say goodbye!


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