Normal day, same old routine; wake up, have breakfast and off to work. As I walk down the road, you pass the school which you never really looked twice but today you hear strained voices shouting at the top of the voices that chemical formulas. As the voices starts to faint, I reached my office, but something was unusual today; I can’t seem to focus on work today. Maybe what you heard today has something to do with my uneasiness. As I fumble and tousle, I was remembering how I used to shout at the top of my lungs having a competition as to who shouts the loudest, this immediately didn’t fail to put a nice big grin on my face.

I can’t help but think that I was no different from the kids you heard from morning but we are so different monumentally. All I could remember was the eagerness to get back home, ruggedly changed my clothes and rushed to the playground to finish that last day’s hide and seek or kabaddi. Today, these kids have tuitions for maths, science, English and all the subjects that are in the curriculum. Come from school and straight off to tuitions. You know how they say that children’s minds can be molded, today’s kids are molded in such a way that they should only strive for perfection and excellence and nothing else, which is so cruel. We don’t teach them to accept failures as we should, we don’t teach them the idea of integrity or diversity for that matter we only want success and nothing that comes close to it. Maybe this is where we are wrong.

I remember my head hurting with so many wild imaginations and we were all kids and anything could happen in our minds; that Pooh you saw from the cartoons came to tell you about his journeys on how he searched for honey or, that cape you wore and you thought you were a superhero and that you could fly. I don’t think now the kids don’t even have time for cartoons and from all inputting all those mathematical formulas, chemical reactions, laws and what not, I am pretty sure that they need a break. There are many outdoor activity based company which aims at taking a little bit of pressure away from their tiny shoulders. They are engaged and primarily focused on innovating ideas at changing and redefining education today. A group of highly energized people come together and focuses on the development and welfare of the children and helping in exploring all the possible dimensions the child has to offer. This is how we are going to change the world, right? The main objective of these companies is to make the children enjoy being outdoors with their friends and for once try and show them that the world is not restricted to just classrooms and books and papers. The activities that includes are of various activities ranging from trekking, rappelling zip line, Jumaring etc. (in adventure activities), experience trips, day out (camp day out, resort day out, industry visits etc.). These activities are to make the students get a taste of the real world; how it works, the things which have already been learnt in classes. Not everyone is same; some are scared of heights and some of water and these outdoor activities can help them a lot. Nature Journey is one of the those companies which aim to make the students feel most at home and encourage them to push their limits to the maximum level and offer them a chance to see a side of themselves that were hidden behind those fear of failures, and the eagerness to be always on top.


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