Once, I asked a friend of mine, she has the purest heart ever, what her biggest wish is, and she answered:

"To be successful and if I am happy I'm also successful.
I just have so many dreams but one thing I really want, is to build up my own empire with my own family, my own things and to be me and if I'm me I know everything will be alright because I live life to the fullest - don't matter what comes.
But I also need to be free. If someone ever tries to shut me in or tries to steal my freedom I am going to leave. Let me be free and you'll see that I'll be coming back.
I'm like a bird - you shouldnt put me in a cage and wait to see the excitment in my eyes because it would never be there, if someone tries to shut me in.

As I said - I have so many dreams but the main thing that I have to do, is to move.

I'm not going to wait for anything to happen, I'll make it happen."

Credits to my friend, L.


Fairy Dust



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