Like Grass under your feet and toes,
A smell, so sweet, in your nose,
A perfect summer's eve.

Alcoholic stench,
Cold, hard metal,
Mechanical beeps,
Lights glaring.

Like a sea of flowers,
Stretching a moment to hours,
Like a make believe.

Air pumps pumping,
Tube carrying meds,
Sensors watching heartbeat,
In this cold, blue light.

All shades of the rainbow,
Falling into my eyes,
A place I'd never wanna leave.

Strident sound,
Long, green line,
Panic in the room,
Docs rushing in.

The place is fading away,
All the colours turn grey,
One day, this gift will be mine to recieve.

Waking up,
Room full of tiles,
Nurses relieved,
I did not die.


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    good one cutie <3 two worlds mixed together, curled into a spiral of emotion and pictures of opposites.

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    Interessanter Wechsel der Szenen zwischen märchenhaftem Traum und harter Realität. Das Ende klingt fast traurig und vom Protagonisten ungewollt. 5 Daumen hoch. ;)

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    Great poem. The end was unexpected ;) 5/5

  • Author Portrait

    Great Poem 5/5 stars :-)

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