A tale of false friends
And that fateful spring
About laughter and joy
And that painful thing

A tale of my fam'ly
And a tale of trust
A story of pleasure
And one of disgust

Was early April
We met near the zoo
Such a nice day
And the sky was so blue

You told me of Heaven
You told me of joy
You asked me to trust you
Wish I've noticed that ploy

You earned my trust
Over the time
Like Bonnie and Clyde we
Were partners in crime

You got me syringes
You got me the stuff
And I felt great and
no task felt too tough

I wanted to quit and
I believed I could 
It was too hard for me
It just felt too good

I asked you to help me
But you just stood by
I couldn't believe it
You left me to die

Everyday determined by
Needle, powder, pill
My days grew more lonely
My days grew more still

Then I met them and
I got back my soul 
I hoped for a new life
A life that you stole

I wanted to quit and
I believed I could
They dragged me deeper into it
Deeper than you ever could

Again, April it was
On the platform of Station Zoo
Where all nearly ended
Because of you


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    I am totally excited about your poem as well. As Kathy said, it is great how the poem flows when you read it because every single word fits perfectly. You did such a great job! :)

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    Simply wow. I love it. Every single line of it. All the emotions gathered and the story is so vivid. You keep on to amaze me by how easy the poem flows when you read it out loud, but still you know how much work and effort is behind the final version. Your English is awesome and I wish I could be on that level as well but my good English days are over and buried long ago. :) I am looking for more to read from you. As I always feel joy when a new text pops up.

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