Memories… our life’s full of memories.

Memories that fade away, memories that stay.

Calm and full of silence, memories that passed away, like clouds in the sky of only blue, behind it the sea, where starlights shine, and blink from far away. Lost and gone, coming back never again, washed away by the summerrain.

Memories, that always live in our heart, helps us with a new wonderful start. Memories full of peace and love an grace, bringing magical smiles onto our face.

Memories, some have to go, others may always be in our deepest parts of our soul an mind… these are memories of a wonderful kind.

Memories  that help us grow… like flowers out of snow, blinking like a snowflake's shimmer… This memories keep us warm and soft and so secure, these memories will help us for sure.  



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    es sind zwar ein paar kleine grammatikfehlerchen drin, aber die stimmung bleibt trotzdem ungestört und ich finde es sehr schön. es ist toll, dass du dich an englisch rangetraut hast, denn du kannst es definitiv gut genug und es hat sich auf jeden fall ausgezahlt! :))

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