Ah, the sun just shut the blinds
ahh, would you shiver for a grind
tell me sweetness, would you mind
if I fronted your behind

I'll tell secrets down your spine
open up and let me dine
I'll say prayers in your shrine
lick your water from the wine
live a moment so divine
tease your sleaze as we entwine
please the layers of meat thine
ease and seize your chamber's whine
grant the consent to confine

ah, do you..
lack the lusting of my grips
feel the itch between your hips
swallow wanting in your sips
crying lakes amidst your lips
shut your eyes among the drips
melt inside as wanting rips
arch your back to passion's whips
dancing slowly with the slips
of fingertips

throughout temptation
lead me to pleasure
in our damnation
we have no measure
we're meant to be flayed
by each other's skins
lust has to be paid
with the end of all things
we dare to be swayed
by craving that grins
so let us portray
a battle of sins.


Fairy Dust



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