Musical Drabbles I.

Stichworte auf Englisch, da es Musiktitel sind :)


1. I dreamed a dream

2. Any dream will do

3. I get a kick out of you

4. If ever I would leave you

5. You’ll never walk alone

6. Can you feel the love tonight?

7. I love Paris

8. You are beautiful

9. If I loved you

10. I could have danced all night

11. Losing my mind

12. The winner takes it all

13. I won’t send roses

14. You’re the top

15. On my own

16. And I am telling you I’m not going

17. You’ll be back

18. All I ask of you

19. I belong to me

20. I’m here

21. It’s your wedding day

22. What is this feeling?

23. You can’t stop the beat

24. Show me

25. Maybe this time

26. Come what may

27. I know him so well

28. Like no man I’ve ever seen

29. I am so proud

30. Thank you very much

31. It’s all over

32. If I were a rich man

33. Wishing you were somehow here again

34. Someone like you

35. You can’t win



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