Musical Drabbles II.

1. Feed me

2. I feel pretty

3. You’re the one that I want

4. Who I’d be

5. Goodbye love

6. Till there was you

7. I’d give my life for you

8. You’ll be in my heart

9. Falling slowly

10. Your fault

11. Brand new day

12. Goodnight my someone

13. Lay all your love on me

14. Take a chance on me

15. It sucks to be me

16. Turn it off

17. Let’s get married

18. I’m on my way

19. You should have been loved

20. We can do it

21. You make my heart fly

22. As long as you’re mine

23. Take me or leave me

24. I know it’s today

25. Let’s go fly a kite

26. No one is alone

27. I’ve decided to marry you

28. Stay with me

29. Then I met you

30. When I grow up

31. The time of my life

32. There are worse things I could do

33. I want to hold your hand

34. The point of no return


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