I never wanted to grow up,

Because I loved those childish days,

Just running, playing with friends, a lot of laughter,

And nothing more to care about,

No worries that capture the soul.


I never wanted to grow up,

And have always hated birthdays.

I could not see a sense behind them,

And wondered why people would celebrate,

Being another year closer to death.


I never wanted to grow up,

In this world of selfish people,

Where being different is a crime,

Where they make me question my existence,

Where there is no space for me.


I never wanted to grow up,

And have always been so damn afraid of it.

I just never felt like I could make it,

Because there would be so many choices and ways

And I would always pick the wrong ones.


I never wanted to grow up;

Never wanted to live an adult´s life,

Full of so many worries,

Full of so much responsibility,

Full of so many stepping stones.


I never wanted to grow up,

But in life wishes don´t come true.

So here I am, on the verge of adulthood,

School will end, everything will change,

I don´t know how to go and fears are becoming a truth.


I never wanted to grow up,

So let´s refuse,

Let´s escape tonight.


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    Wahnsinnig schön! Als ich jünger war, wollte ich immer älter sein. Langsam dreht es sich auch bei mir um, und ich will wieder jünger werden und weniger Verantwortung übernehmen müssen. 6/5!

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    Sehr schön und berührend, ich kann das gut verstehen. Mir ging es auch so. Doch glaube mir, eines Tages, wenn du deinen Platz im Leben gefunden hast und das wirst du bestimmt, wirst du anfangen es richtig zu geniessen. 5/5

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    Never wanted to grow up either cause I knew I couldn't cope with responsibility or finding a way on my own from one day to another. Why do adults expect that you are now, all of a sudden, grown up and mature and know what you want in life? At least that's what happened to me when I turned 18. It was oh so cool. The only cool thing bout it was that my grandma actually was there on my b-day. usually she's away on that date (sad thing is after that year she's always there cause she got demencia 4 months later). wonderful poem nevertheless please continue :)

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