Nous Sommes Hairless Chattes

"Nous sont is not vous sont." said the cat, typing on his laptop in green font in his home office. The cat was at first reluctant to find a French correspondent, though now he mange up the remains of the wordless.

All the years not knowing that language felt like a waste, though he wondered whether it would be worth interacting with Le Femmes who know the difference between nous sont and vous sont. Ll acknowledged to himself how much amour he had for Elle, despite only knowing for a little while, and even though the interaction was minimum. As a young cat, he never properly learned to say Bonjour! in French. Comment Ca Va, how it going?

So that's how that was. He carefully would trim his hair into a buzz. He would carefully trim his hair all o'er, though to be a hairless cat in the class room was no fun indeed. But ll knew that the girls felt more comfortable around him, when he almost looked human, or human enough for them to take him seriously. He wore a small fedora for his small head. Comment Ca Va Le Filles he would say, although ultimately he still preferred the English language. English was something that he had grown up with all his life, and still found that the Germanic language was easier for more precise estimates.

Though he longed to someday know the Romantic enough to get himself into a little bit of trouble with it, but saying ... no you're not a chef this is a proper chef! After all he had spent all his youth being a smart ass after his family had died, being eaten by humans. And why should he treat human servants any different? There was a certain level of fear when it came to interacting with French-Americans that was different from interacting with Spanish-Americans, though they were both imperialists at an earlier period of--human--history. It was the fact that he had known a girl in his early school years who tended to use passive aggression as a means of flirting, and he took it very differently than perhaps how she may have intended it. He pictures her going Comment Ca Va Le Homme, while he would pretend not to acknowledge her.

It wasn't like he enjoyed being rude to people.

He just didn't want to become closer to anyone. He had become close to his baby sister, and he wouldn't become closer again.


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