When the scepter strikes the plow
when the honest wear the noose
comes the justice on the prowl
that will break the vengeance loose

in times of hunger, in times of evil
in the hour of greatest need
hear the battle cry of eagles
bear witness to the Creed

through the age of whole mankind
by one idea it has stood
to always be there to remind
those who sin against the good

sworn to serve and die with pride
in the future, past and now
outcasts who only stride
to uphold their sacred vow:

from this day until I die
I exist to slay the rotten
to persist and to defy
let no malice be forgotten

my strength for the weak
my blade for the greed
my will for the meek
my life for the Creed.


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    I love this game(s) :D Welcome to Belletristica. You have a nice collection so far. I'm definitely going to read more from you! :)

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