Somewhere under every day
grins a master with no name
his reflection is your pain
light's disaster his domain
once the star is split and slain
worlds are lit into his game
meant to never feed his brame

our maker, to thou we whisper
our taker, to thou we linger
our shelter, in thee we art
our melter, in thee we part
our breath, thine is the air
our death, thine is despair
our reason, thy touch we waited
our treason, thy wish we sated
our all, thy shine is fated

in between the west and east
gapes a mouth of ancient beast
nesting those who sun has pleased
swiftly calming the deceased
nothing hides when it's released
sinners bleed their bits unpieced
eternal king neglects the fleeced

evicting tries of filthened skies
lunging sharp when smiling dies
omens stalk their echoed cries
roaming shadows slit the ties
drowning weaklings in their lies.


Fairy Dust



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