Part 1

,, Ever wanted to see the stars? Ever wanted to know what a supernova looks like from a closer view? Ever wanted to know what the universe secrets are? Ever wanted to visit all the different planets, cultures and creatures? But not only how they are now, but also from all different times? From the past, present, and future? Ever wanted to know what was the universe like before the earth was a big blue planet full of life? Ever wanted to go on an adventure but earth seemed too small and limited? Ever just wanted to run full speed into life and the unknown, curious of all the new and unbelievable things, which seemed to be the real sense of life instead of being caught in the same old and boring spot for all your life?”

The weird man gasps for air, a spark of curiosity and adventure flaming up in his old and sad seeming eyes, a melancholic smile on his lips, arms wide open, looking down on a girl.

He had run from one spot to another during his monologue, as he had wandered from one part of his story to another in his own big universe. As if he had seen all the star constellations, the enormous explosion of a supernova, and all the hidden secrets of the universe with his inner eye. As if he had walked from one planet to another to greed a new culture and creature, following the path of a cosmic map.

,, Just how much must he have seen already and how much will he see? Could I become part of this? Could I maybe also go on such adventures? Could he teach me?

I am so young and have already given up on life, but he is so old and sad, yet he is like a little child wanting to go to the next big adventure, not getting tired of all the trouble. How is he doing this?”, the girl on the ground caught in her own thoughts, staring at the man, the sun shining gently over his shoulders.

,,What do you say? Do you want to come along? It will be dangerous! Really dangerous, we will fight, we will see sorrow, we will see happiness, we will see life and death. We will see all the darkness of this world, of the universe from different times. And we will see all the colours, really sooo many different and breathtaking colours and things - believe me, it will surpass all your wildest imaginations!”, the man pauses to gasp for air again.

Slowly putting his arms down again, looking the girl straight into her astound eyes. He slowly reaches out to her. His left-hand open. The girl looking at it, seeing all the chances and opportunities it is holding.

,,So what do you say? Do you-”

,,YES! Yes I want to run! I want to see all the secrets and wonders of the universe! The shadow, the light, the colours - just everything! I want to run away from here, away from my despair, what I have here can’t be called a life and that is what I want.

I want a life worth living for.”

The weird man surprised by the interruption and impulsive answer of the girl is ossified for a second. Then his smile becomes brighter than the sun could ever shine, the old eyes with the little spark warming up from the loss he now started to overcome. He holds out his hand a bit wider and the girl grabs it like it was a life buoy. A life buoy saving her from her not-really-a-life and bringing her back to the beach to go for the adventures in the deep forest.

He helps her up on her feet. As she stands, he makes a step aside and now the warming sun shines directly on her again. She takes a deep breath.

,,Well then let’s go! Time to go on an adventure! Anywhere you would like to go first? We could start with earth, but we could go to Rome from the 12th century!

Oh yeah, what’s your name by the way?”

,,Please not earth, you said we could go anywhere in the universe, I want to go to a far distant place!

Also, I have many and no name, call me whatever you like. What is your name?”

,,Alright, a far distant place, I think I know a great first adventure for us!

Really whatever? How about...Uhm...Jacky! I will call you Jacky if it is alright.

I am the doctor!”

,,Jacky sounds good!

Uhm pleased to meet you Doctor… Doctor Who?”


Now first you have to help me find my TARDIS, Jacky.”

A bit confused about the name of her new friend but then distracted by the thought, just what the hell a TARDIS is, Jacky follows the doctor. She couldn't even have a clue, what an extraordinary, dangerous and magnificent adventure is about to start for her.


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    Da will man einmal heimlich Profile stalken und dann hast du eine süße, kleine Fanfiktion, die die Pläne über den Haufen wirft. Ich melde mich also doch zu Wort. Es gibt so viele Stellen und Sätze, die ich in diesem Kapitel toll fand. Der Anfang ist schön und lädt sogar dazu ein, alle Fragen zu beantworten - etwas, was mir bei rhetorischen Fragen in Geschichten eher selten passiert. Die Beschreibung seiner Augen ist toll und die Antwort, ein Leben haben zu wollen für das es sich zu leben lohnt, fand ich rührend. *schnüff* Und Jacky. Ist das ein Bezug auf Jackie?

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