Part 5

- Do it!
It's what we' ve both been waiting for, isn't it?
So, go on - Pull the trigger

- While researching your family tree, you came across a name that has been blacked out 

- Did you really think you would win? Honestly, darling, why are you fighting against a cause that created you?

- Most of the world doesn't even know we exist. We hide amongst the shadows and try to live a quiet life.

- The demon and me were the best of friends from the start

- A good friend that you grew up with dies, but a year after the funeral, no one remembers him - not even his parents - and all traces of his past life online are gone. You become determined to prove he existed.

-The frozen lake had finally cracked open after all these frigid years.
But it was not the fact which startled me. Rather it was the single trail of footsteps that lead out. 

- Scientists have developed a pill that temporarily disables the part of the brain that feels fear.

- Her smile was a bit too wide, a bit too cheerful, considering the blood on the walls.

- You're the last grandchild to talk privately with your 120 year old  grandmother on her death bed. "Do you want the good news or the bad news?", she asks, knowing she will only have enough time to explain one secret or the other. 


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