Past ghosts

Sitting next to John as he was resting, Tyler was remembering their old days in the elementary school.

-Back in 2006-

"Congratulations Tyler you got an A+ at the last exam." said his teacher, Lisa.

"What about me Miss Lisa?" asked John.

"Congratulations John, you got a C." she smiled. The other students laughed at John except Tyler, as he hated anyone to make fun of a friend as good as John.

After getting out of the school, John was waiting on a chair. Tyler's parents arrived to take him home. John was crying because no one was there for him he had got a bad mark. Nobody was waiting for him. Tyler's mom, Erica jeff, felt bad for him and she moved toward John. "Where are your parents John?" Erica asked him.

"They said they would be waiting for me right after school but no one came." cried John.

"Calm down John, I'll contact your parents. Until they come to get you, we'll take you to our home. Tyler has a lot of games would like to share with you, right Tyler?"

"Of course mom that would be great!" Tyler exclaimed.

"But what if my parents are here and can't find me?" wondered John.

"Don't worry kid we will leave a message at the security for your parents that you are there at our home." said Tyler's dad, Jeff johns.

While riding in their car, John looked at Tyler's mom next to him and cried.

Why are you crying now John?" asked Erica.

"My mom... She left, my dad said she would never come back.. I have no mom." Said John.

"Oh my god, I know no one can ever replace your mom, but you can think of me as yours, stop crying please." She said and hugged him.

Upon arriving at Tyler's, Tyler could see how sad John was. He took him to his room and played with him as much as he could, showing him his games and favorite toys. John was happy and eventually both of them became best friends.


Tyler glanced over to John while he was sleeping. He sees Anna walking into the room.

"How is he now?"

"He seems good, his EKG reading is normal." Said Tyler. "Anna you are free tonight?"

"Yeah why not, but why ask that question?" she wondered.

"I was thinking we could go get some coffee or something." Tyler said.

Anna smiled and said, "Okay, no problem. Call me tonight at 8 pm and I will be waiting for you at T-cafe."

"T-cafe? Where is that?"

"I will describe it tonight, but now let's scan a friend's brain." she said.

Tyler seemed confused about the scan results. Anna seemed confused too so she called Dr. Henry to come and see the results. He arrived to the lab in minutes.

"You did the brain scan, didn't you?" Dr. Henry asked.

"Yes, his brain's amygdala was showing high levels of activity in the past hours." Anna explained.

"Maybe that's why he was aggressive and in a bad mood after he woke up at the hospital." Dr. Henry rubbed his chin.

"Excuse me, can you both speak English? And you Anna, you didn't mention you were a doctor. What is this 'amygdala'?" Tyler said in surprise.

"Hmm, sorry Tyler it's long story. The amygdala is an almond-shaped set of neurons located deep within the brain's medial temporal lobe. It plays a key role in processing emotions, and is linked to both fear and pleasure in humans and other animals. The amygdala is also correlated with aggressive behavior over a number of species. Conditions such as anxiety, autism , depression, and phobias are thought to be associated with abnormal functioning of the amygdala." Anna explained to Tyler.

Tyler's mind was about to be blown from this information he has just heard. "So is there any treatment for this? How did it suddenly show high levels of activity because I have never seen him do that before. I mean, he has never been aggressive or rude, ever!" he said.

"Tyler, it appears that this meteor–if it's even a meteor–has sent a wave when it landed on the ground and unleashed electricity with unknown gases. Maybe it included cosmic radiation and that has effected both of your body functions as John well as he's able to manipulate the gravitational force. Your brain produces high voltage that a normal human body couldn't ha.." said Henry and suddenly John woke up.

"I feel pretty fine what did you give me ?" John said that

"Just some medicines such as mood stabilizers , Anti-depressants " Anna answered him .

"I'm sorry, Tyler I couldn't control that." said John in a deep sad voice.

Tears filled in his eyes. "No, no don't say that John, it's fine. We all know it wasn't you who did that your body was out of your control." Tyler said.

"say fine to those injured people" john said that to Tyler and he seemed very nervous

"But.. but how was I able to do that; what did the meteor do to me? Tyler what's happening with me?" John questioned.

"It appears that it has affected our body's normal function."

"What do you mean be by 'our'?" John slowly raised his head to look at Tyler.

"He means that both of you has been genetically affected by whatever this thing unleashed." said Dr. Henry.

"But now how do I get out to the street?"

"No, you aren't going to , I'm sorry john but we had enough people harmed today" said Dr. Henry.

"What do you mean by no? You cant trap me here." said John.

"I'm helping you John, not trapping you, make up your mind."

"You just need to calm down." Anna stepped in.

"And who are you to tell me calm down?" John glared at Anna and he seemed to be back again to that bad mood .

"I think I've met your father before, John." Dr. Henry turned towards him.

"No you haven't, you don't even know my father." John denied

"I know him well, maybe better than you." said Dr. Henry.

"How do you know him better than him , john what is he talking about?" Tyler was confused.

"Your father's name isn't Wayne, is it John?" Henry asked.

"I don't know what are you talking about!" said John.

"Don't you know that your father is Bru...." said Henry.

"Don't say that name!" John shouted and his eyes were turning red. Suddenly everybody and everything has been lifted to up, levitating. Anna looked in his eyes and held out her hand towards John. He fell down to the ground in a matter of seconds.

"What the hell did you do to him?" Tyler was panicked and angry. "John wake up!"

Anna appeared shocked and ran out of the room.

"Anna where are you going? Anna!" Dr. Henry called after her.

"Why didn't you tell me she was also effected by the meteor?" Tyler asked Henry.

"She, she's not effected. She's... " Dr. Henry said in an intermittent sound.

Tyler ran after Anna. He found her crying in another room alone. He walked slowly to her.

"Anna, what's going on with you?" He asked her.

"I'm sorry Tyler I can't tell you that." she shook her head.

"Look Anna! Either you tell me or I will never talk to you again." Tyler was getting more frustrated.

"Believe me Tyler, you will not believe anything I would say. Plus, Nobody can know my secret." she said and more tears rolled down her flustered cheeks.

"Anna I'm not just 'anyone'. I'm your friend, just tell me and I promise not to be sad, not to be mad at you, and I will believe you no matter what you say." Tyler sat next to Anna.

"I... I don't belong here." she seemed afraid to reveal her life secret.

"What do you mean? I know you are Russian not American. Tell me something I don't know."

"Tyler I'm from another dim- Tyler, Tyler are you okay?" Anna stood up. Tyler's body was shaking suddenly and he fainted and felt down to the ground.

After some minutes on ground, Dr. Henry came and saw him. Tyler's skin was turning into blue like the electricity running through him had been trapped inside his body. Followed by a second, he started having electric spasms and his eyes' veins were filled with electricity. If it hadn't been for Anna's ability, Tyler would have been dead. She stopped something dangerous from happening.

Both Dr. Henry and Anna carried him to a bed and tied his hands and his legs, securing him to the bed strongly. At the same time, the surveillance camera showed John putting on Tyler's sweater running out of the lab; but they couldn't go after him. Tyler slipped into a coma for few hours.

At 3 A.M. on Harrison Street, only two guys were walking on the street. While they were having a conversation with each other, a portal opened in the sky and from it, a metal rock fell down. It struck both guys, causing them to hit the ground. The rock retracted back to the portal it came from.








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