In chemistry class we were told
that you exchange molecules
with everyone you are around with

so how shall I move on
when you are still part of me
still taking up space in my ribcage
still sucking air out of my lungs
still being inside my skin
still eating me up from the inside
when instead you couldve held me together

and all that id wish for now
is to get you out
out of my vessels and my blood
and my marrow

I wonder when
the last molecule of you will be gone
eventually soaked up by a new lover

I wonder if that is the day ill move forward again
because I need to


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    Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand, wer hat die schönste Stimme im ganzen Land? ... <3

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    I love it. ♥.♥

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    I like :)

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    very interesting thoughts! i often wonder about that too when i think about people who hurt me. great poem, once again!

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