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i welcome you to my

fears and thoughts

and life lessons

ive made

« »

She was too amazing

and loved too much for

a world so cruel and


« »

I crave attention and at

the same time I crave

being alone

« »

Touching your hand for

those few seconds felt

like touching burning little


« »

Having your eyes on me

felt like tearing my clothes

off my body - leaving me

naked. Just that your eyes

were on my breasts

« »

From the beginning on I was

not sure if you looked at

me or at the other girl.

And now I’m not not sure if

you loved me or the other


Or if you loved us both.

« »

When I first touched his hand

it felt like burning little stars

boiling the blood in my veins

the heat rushing through my body

reaching my heart

« »

In your heart I have never felt like


I guess I have never felt true love

with your dirty hands touching me


« »

The more time passed the less

relevant became your words to me

and only a touch could have given

me enough of all that your heart -

our hearts - didn’t feel no more

« »

It’s beautiful how complicated

I seem to you where you were

the one loving two women

at once

« »

By loving him I allowed him

entering holy parts of my mind

building himself an empire in

my centre to only start playing

war in it

destroying all I had built up for so long

« »

Once you start loving yourself

you will never want to be anyone else

but yourself


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