“And before you it was like living under the night sky - only that everything was black. And then you came and there appeared this one star. This one star, shining so bright - it was fucking blinding me but it felt like balm for my soul. It’s the only star in my night sky and it is so wonderful - I started to call it my sun.”

About a boy who is slowly falling in love with a girl.

About a boy who is falling in love and falling apart.

About a boy who is


“I’d go through hell for you.”

But sweetheart, I am the devil.

The devil and the beast.


He tasted of mild tobacco

2 am talks and



Sweetheart, I am not

your property.

I am my own being

I don’t belong to anyone

don’t put me in a cage

as if I was a bird

I am the devil


Do you feel the pain

when you look at her

eyes meeting yours

and this little glance

as if she stabbed you

and you bleed and bleed

but you don’t know

for god's sake you don’t know

how much blood she has

already lost


Fairy Dust



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