She had never felt so betrayed before.
And, oh, she had been through so much of it. Betrayed when Jimmy Stone first came into her life to get her ripped apart, betrayed when Marlene had "forgotten" to tell her about that party at Owen's, betrayed when she had bought that stupid Tee only for it to be a size smaller, betrayed when the Doctor, the first Doctor, the one all leather and blue eyes, had sent her home while he was fighting Daleks at the Game station. Betrayed. Constantly betrayed.
But those betrayals did not compare to the one she felt right now.

"Alright," Rose began. "both of you, answer me this... When I last stood on this beach on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me?"

The two Doctors looked at each other. "Go on then, say it." she insisted.

"I said 'Rose Tyler'." the full Time Lord replied, knowing the certitude of his motive.

"Y-Yeah, and how was that sentence gonna end?" she prompted once again.

The Doctor gazed upon the forms of her face. He knew he was hurting her, oh he knew. And it hurt him, even more, to know he was the one doing so. But if through hurting her he could offer her a new beginning, then the hurt he was also feeling was worth living with.

"Does it need saying?" he finally replied.

"And you...Doctor?" Rose turned to the other one, the meta-crisis, the half human half Time Lord Doctor, the Doctor that shouldn't have been.

The man slowly leaned into her ear and whispered. After doing so, Rose stared at him in amazement and confusion before grabbing him by the lapels into a hurtful but still loving kiss.

She then abruptly pulled away at the wheezing sound of the TARDIS which was now dematerializing, fading into nothingness. She had taken a few steps towards it but… it was already too late.

The Doctor was gone.


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    Hallo! :) (Ich mache das hier einfach mal auf Deutsch, weil ich meinem Englisch keine guten Kommentare zutraue. ^^ ) Das war ein sehr schönes Kapitel. Dein Schreibstil ist sehr schön und emotional. Ich kenne mich mit dem Fandom nicht ganz so gut aus, aber ich glaube, ich erinnere mich an die Szene. In dem Fall hast du ihr eine unglaubliche Tiefe verlieren und sie natürlich einfach nur wunderschön beschrieben. Auch ganz ohne Rechtschreibfehler, soweit ich das bei englischen Texten beurteilen kann, sehr schön! :) Ich lese eigentlich nur selten Romantik und halte mich bei Fandoms zurück, die ich nicht gut kenne, aber ich werde auf jeden Fall mal weiter mitlesen und bin gespannt, was da so kommt. :)

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