Phoenix, is it really true?
that it is darkest before it is dawn?
Could it be that i learned from you?
That i got powers of my own?

Phoenix, how do you manage?
to bear that burning pain so often?
Do you get scared?
when you feel you're nearing the edge?
Or are you numb by now?

Have you ever felt like nobody cared?
but you'd actually deserve a batch?
For all the rising up again?

Phoenix, i'm asking if and asking how

I might not have realized, might not have known
I got powers of my own 


  • Author Portrait

    I really love how you form your sentences and make out of all of this such an amazing piece of ART. Keep going, girl!

  • Author Portrait

    Beuatiful text.. gives hope where there appears to be none! Thank you for that!

  • Author Portrait

    This poem is a masterpiece! I had a bad week but after reading your poem I really feel better now :) Thank you so much!

  • Author Portrait

    Just wonderful! Der Phönix prägte mein Leben auch immer sehr! Es freut mich sehr, wieder mal was von dir zu lesen! Wir vermissen dich!

  • Author Portrait

    Wonderful. Phoenix are amazing magical beings, they burn and rise from ash to a new start. I wish I could do that or rip my old skin off like a snake. Guess even snakes take their time to do so though.

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