Thrown away, left to die without any grace,
I'm slowly passing away.
I desperately begged you to let me stay,
but you perished without a trace...

I wanted to always stay by your side,
but my words did not reach your heart.

Our promise forgotten, our ways now apart,
will you feel sad after I died?

I still remember the cute smile on your face,
when we met for the very first time.
Your struggling to take me along to your place,
how you said that I was thine...

All day and night I stayed by your side,
waiting for you to embrace and hold me tight.
Protected you when you were dreaming sweet dreams,
but you don't need me anymore, how it seems...

My love for you wont ever disappear,
even after I'm dying here.
I'm glad, I could be your teddy-bear...


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    Love it! Love the ambiguity..

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    I'm left without words. This is so touching!

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