I look in the mirror and hate what I see,
How should one like a person as ugly as me?

I listen to my voice and hate every sound;
Don't want to speak when there's somebody around.

I think of my behaviour and hate what I do;
I wish I could act normal but I don't know how to.

I remember old friends and hate they are gone;
Hate the fact that I let them go and didn't hold on.

I think of my loved ones and hate that they worry;
Didn't want to be one more problem, I am so sorry.

I see those old photos and hate what I became,
What went wrong with the happy child inside this frame?

I look at my arms and hate every line I drew,
Now I can't even hide that I'm feeling so blue.

I read what I've written and hate every word,
'Cause I don't want them to know that I'm feeling like dirt.

I think of my existence and hate to be here,
Where can I leave? I want to disappear!

I have those thoughts and I hate each one of if,
Why can't I learn to accept myself, at least a little bit?


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    Ich kann nur zu stimmen. Und wie ich deine Sachen nur liebe *-*

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    So sad T.T 5/5

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    Liebe johhla! Wie immer schreibst du einfach gut - aber diesmal trifft mich dein Gedicht tief! Wie sehr wünsche ich dir, dass du den Faden zu dir wieder findest, und sei er vorerst noch so fein - damit er dich wieder zu deinem Herzen führe, dich dich wieder schätzen und lieben lerne! Von Herzen alles Gute auf deinem Weg!

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