It happens again, oh it happens tonight,
I should be alone, but something's not right.
This shadowy figure roams through my house,
and looks at me quite like a cat at a mouse.

I know he's behind me, but I won't turn to check.
Cause he'll be long gone when I move my neck.

Shadowy man in the flickering light.
Shadowy man, always just out of sight.

He looks at the screen even now that I write,
over my shoulders, in the monitors light.
I feel your cold eyes as you watch as you stare,
But once I turn around you just vanish in air.

Shadowy man, always with me in here,
Shadowy man, always close, always near.

You're always behind the very next door,
lurking and waiting and longing for more.

I'm so afraid that when I turn my head,
you won't disappear, but take me instead.


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    Warum kannte ich dieses Gedicht von dir noch gar nicht? :O Egal, jetzt hab ich es nachgeholt, und es gefällt mir außerordentlich gut :D

  • Author Portrait

    Dafür reicht auch mein eingerostetes English;-). Super!

  • Author Portrait

    Wie immer sehr spannend und mit Gänsehauteffekt. Gefällt mir sehr! Eine 5 ist für mich klar!

  • Author Portrait

    friggin love it!

  • Author Portrait

    I'm appalled. It's real Horror. ^^

  • Author Portrait

    You know he's watching you too. Sleep tight.

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