Shall I compare your beauty to all world’s treasures?

Because I know even if I would list all of them,

it would take, for capturing your beauty, far more feathers,

everything would pale beneath you, every creation.

No gold, no gem, nor a unity,

even my mind is speechless,

nothing can measure your beauty,

your whole being leaves me breathless.

Not a ring or all wonders of the world could outdo you,

I could never give you away for anything,

I shall tell you every day and night that my love is true,

every moment with you is exciting.

So remember your existence is my dearest beauty and world's greatest art,

So beloved - hush! When the morning sun dares us to part.


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    you def got talent! a beautiful poem, i love it

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    Magnificent words for the one and only - the song "Nothing compares to you" just jumped immediately into my mind while reading your poem ㋡

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    Such a beautiful poem!

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