She Researched His Talent

The Extras X-rated see all about it
Please don’t touch it we need to inspect it?

He’s researched I am cursed  I was the one searched

I only have 69 lipsticks blowing with the wind pouch

 Lips cut movie worse I was left alone all touched up couch
Touch it X-rate it  I get the credit  I fucked him. So you forget it

So you forget it.I created it Extras cravats attached.

So thick mint condition. Sex bruised to be kind domination.

Talents come and go extras what dividends.
All spread out the continents.Did he have enough research?

Did I get a wild Boob hunch? What’s for lunch?

I will give you a hint what’s thick and mint condition.

Computer hot you printed it  body visual fusion

“Who’s accountable” Don’t be so humble.

Monday blues
Tuesday Newscast Rock Stud Shoes
Wednesday cast a spell her talent.
Oh swollen lips 
Yessiree I’m going to tell at last research

Don’t pass next stop hell
The tape is still on quickie Lush hard on
Someone came to the Robin Rescue right on
She knows the extras to pursue

Scam artist doctors order copy cat true?
Researched fake boobs plastic face surgery

Few more thrusts tight hot body
His talent went to forgery He’s impotent
He had no control I got impatient
She loves her fishnet tied his fishing rod.

I researched his dancing strip pole. Merci" Oh! God?

She had the entering part perfection hole
“He’s The Stud” researched  his

sneaky hand’s exotic snakes’ case close

He erects and stands
Dealing with stiffies losers and fakes

Every month on Monday

He’s eating my Icecream Sin sundae
He’s thrusting hard into her mouth
Sex tricked cheaters showing her clit bud
And there goes history. Researched Ted

Are we being true to ourselves threesomes
and foursomes so after sex cums. He’s beating her
his Xtra drums
Her talent Xtra Pleasure “Green Planet” boob’s
day treasure
She’s Hollywood fake hot copied money no pay.
With such talent so lucent.
“Extra blowjobs” Don’t sponge me with Bob
Perhaps, Rob, I searched too many oversexed sized snobs
Extra firm grip playing for keeps.

Swinging Kings soiled in their chair never sleep
I’m the Trio he researched my Bio headmaster ring
Talent for fakes extra beating for mistakes “Boobs”

Let’s burn them ready to slice Porn cake? He’s the boob man
the other one’s the leg man she bows to them with her fan
What’s with this men’s prostate?
He is always those horniest states
He’s shuffling  she’s hard to tame
Porn star living in Castles sex emails in flames.
Hail lives Horney Bee justified. Sex a must mystified.

How she parted her lips all verified

How he did her in between dark side moon speeches.

Bleach Blonde Marilyn Monroe fetishes.

Mystical Moon researched 69 sides

What happens eight sides she devoured them
What hustlers  Hollywood rides him

Blown away headaches. Beat me heartaches
We need good mentors and X-rated teachers.
We did research the Italian men with tempers
Extra bonuses fucking on the slides those stars
Nude campers.Hell angels ride

Next talent erotic blow me lips launches
Hot red hood in the woods she fucking
near the heat fire branches
.Her lips got talent like slutty blow fishes
On those College breeches, Erotic tattoos
So taboo
Erect up He shot in her special talented cup

On the web-like links balls and chains
We research all the swingers

taking their talent swapping.
Lovers on the train.
The next erotic technology teasing on airplane
Looking deep inside Madmen Gynecology
researched the erotic score tough.

Psychology diamond inspector rough
Sexology so physical sex awareness
They rang her bell her Husband was looking
in all fairness, she researched his adultery
became careless. All housewives and adulteresses
did we miss the mistresses? Web babes mess
Those extras came Presidential Orgy
being sucked.Mr. Clinton had her under the table
Monica changed her talent  Trump Tower Hump


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