Find me in forgetting, will you
let no feeling ever fill you
keep me close and it will kill you

keep your eyes shut when you wake
picture love as our mistake
think of all the coming ache
all the things you should forsake
the bitter choices you must make
for the future joy at stake
and your precious little sake

give your eyes a dreary dawn
let its grayness show the truth
with the tears that it has drawn,
ask the morning where I've gone..

seek me..
in the pain of broken things
in lonely parks, atop the swings
in mistakes of murdered kings
in married people with no rings
swearing freedom with no wings
playing love on broken strings
while madam Leaving sings
telling neither what she brings..

breathe me out on autumn nights
when the cold rain soothes your ache
as the tears distort your sights
leaving blood trails in their wake

have you not had enough of me
do you still believe in,, we"
can't you feel you weren't free
caged and claimed by this disease
would you just forget me, please?


Fairy Dust



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