I walked on a grey autumn day
and found love between houses of stone,
I left on a grey autumn day
through gates and alleys of stone.

In the cold air above us,
the seagulls were soaring up high
In the grey wind around us
and over the sea to the sky.

I cannot help but wonder
whether I dreamt you or not,
And now that we must sunder
I'm sure you will not be forgot.

But this is no farewell forever
‘cause one day, I’ll come back to you,
And we’ll have a few pints together
or a cup o’ kindness or two.

Until this day, let me tell you:
Dear Edinburgh,
I have found you –
Slàinte mhath!


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    Very, very beautiful! Thanks for this wonderful poem!

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    very beautiful! i really wanna go to edinburgh sometime, too... good to see some new stuff of yours!

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