Steps - Hidden Paths

[The song: ]

Tired eyebags seeming heavy,Rain dripping on high houses,
Hair covered under a hood,
green eyes sharp and bright.

Step after step,
No life is perfect,
Foot after foot,
Never taking off my hood.

Looking to the ground watching my path,
I wanna see where I go,
To not end up again with nothing but wrath,
Yet not knowing what I want tho.

Step after step,
I will follow no lead,
This world is not perfect,
But I feel freed.

People walking on great streets,
seem happy, seem sad, seem broken and mad.
I am walking on hidden paths,
chose them for myself, using my past as blasts.

Sneaking through big cities.
Looking through windows and watching others from far away,
Full of curiosity catching glimpses of emotions and people themselves.
Learning about the world again.
Did this years ago and fell down when abandoning this old way,
Grabbed it again, doing it like before, but different to learn even more again.

Step after Step,
My life had changed,
Did arrange myself,
And will never be perfect.

So I walk my hidden paths,
I walk them with no wrath,
Because I choose them with all my heart,
This is better than all I ever had.

Colours are often dark and grey,
but I keep making my steps.
I live for moments and what they portray,
shall it be a bright light or dark grey.

I am often tired because walking alone is harder,
but I learned to keep going and taking breaks when I cannot go further.
But after every break, I get up again with faith in my heart,
choosing my pace to find new things for me to feel amazingly amazed.

Step after step.
Rain may fall and I will appreciate it.
To only tilt my head with a gentle smile high up again,
To catch my beloved painting of the sun shining through darkness again,
enlighting old fire new in my green eyes in the same but different way, that they have once been.


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