Steps - Walking with a melody

Heavy clouds may cover the sky,
hiding the blue behind grey, grey and more grey.
I will look up and seize all the types of the dark,
see the lighter grey right next to the darkest one
- appreciating the wild canvas of nature.

I go and look up, putting my headphones in and turning the music on.
When walking seems heavy I will not simply stop and be gone.
Following the melody with little movements, closing my eyes.
When faith may seem gone, my little dance already hath began
- I will just do my inner and private path with dancing on.

Smooth, simple and sometimes clumsy,
It is no great show but it does not have to be, as it is only for me.
Wild, fast and finally fired up,
It is a dance but a fierce one about keeping the fight on.

Smiling peacefully, when my favourite part is being played.
Catchy, simple and nostalgic,
the dance slowly and smooth changes to walking again.
Because a warm light shines again, as darkness is about to fade.

Heavy clouds may not cover the sky anymore,
I go and leave only one headphone in, turning the volume down.
I will look up and appreciate the finally shining sun,
A little melody vivid and yet calm tugging along.
- Saving the song that made me feel strong.


Fairy Dust



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