Steps - What's next?

I walk and I fall,
I get hurt and do not wanna anymore.
See myself doing mistakes,
See how I will only destroy myself.

When things go wrong I will either go on,
Face the wall hammering with my head through,
Find a way sneaking around,
or simply spin around and chose another path to walk on.

Choosing where to go is not always easy,
but it is possible.
When faced with a determined path,
I will still choose how I will take on that one!

Sometimes I need reminders from others,
often I know how to notice a wrong way.
But in the end I yet 'til now and hopefully forever will know what to do,
Struggling to find the fitting steps happened often to me
and yet I am here full of energy making my way through.

Being strong does not mean running against a wall over and over again,
Strong is who choses to take different ways one is scared of.
Strong means accepting mistakes and facing the new unknown paths.
Taking strong steps means accepting the feeling of being weak and searching for help when not knowing how walking works anymore.
We take the strongest steps when facing fears to take them on.


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    Ich finde die verschiedenen Perspektiven, welche du mit dem Lied gehst echt cool und schön geschrieben. ^^ Good job Schülerwesen, weiter so :D

  • Author Portrait

    Aww, wunderschön! Es ist echt spannend, zu sehen, wie unterschiedlich du das Lied interpretierst! Und besonders der Teil gefällt mir sehr, mit deiner Interpretation der Stärke ... :3 Eine echt tolle Idee jedenfalls, ich bin gespannt, was da noch so alles kommt.

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