I thought you were gone, because you died,
But you are stilll here,
And I realized tonight,
That you will always be near.
Your laughter is the wind that blows;
Your kind words are the sound of the rain;
Your beauty is in every flower that grows;
Your sunshine helps to fight the pain.
Your sparkling eyes you still show,
As you guide us through your stars shining bright;
And you simper in the fall of cold winter's glittering snow,
In darkest hours you are the light.
By thunders you can scream out loud;
No matter to which place one goes,
You protect us from up there on your cloud, 
Everywhere your presence shows
Because you are not in one of that graves;
After all I can still feel you here;
You are not one of the grim reaper's slaves,
And I know that you will always be near.


Fairy Dust



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