Tears In Rain

When silence is around you,

Your inner storm rages on,

You feel emptiness embracing you,

When all your emotions feel like they are far gone.

But when the world starts howling,

silences the wind your inner roaring.

It takes your scream of rage and despair;

turns it into calm and cold air.

And when the wind does not stop,

and the rain starts pouring down,

only your inner cold will make you frown;

and the time of no emotions stops.

Embrace the cold and frown,

and watch as they start to fall down.

Tears in rain,

they will bring back the saddened pain.

Thus will come back anger,

will come back sadness,

will come regret;

but at last darkness turns you into your stronger self.


  • Author Portrait

    ein wundervolles Gedicht! Ich liebe es! :-)

  • Author Portrait

    Such a perfect poem! Stunning in every way! Just out of curiosity: Is it inspired by the Blade Runner speech/soundtrack "Tears in Rain"?

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