Six-sixty-six, the number of the beast,
six-sixty-six, or of this text at least;

I bet quite a few of you wanted it bad,
But once again I'm a few steps ahead.

It's mine forever now, well doesn't that suck?
You thought you could take it, but you're out of luck,
'cause I came to snach it and I don't give [it back].
If you disagree you can go right to [the comment section],
And leave your feedback ;p

There's no replacement for the place I just stole,
right now you might think I'm the biggest [troll],
and I may just really like this role.

I used no hack, there was no little glitch,
and it will not help if you call me a [witch].

I'm sorry my friends, it seems this one is mine,
you still may have number nine-ninety-nine ;)

[Love] you all!
- Meg


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