The Almost Last Dance Of Emma

The thing about Emma, is we shared some interests together. Looking back on it, I wasn't sure if the reason she dumped me by proxy through Bentley, is because she considered me one of the girls.

I had never been officially out up to that point, although Bentley had a strange attraction to me for some reason, and would sometimes make remarks about how he wanted to have my babies. That was Bentley, that was my life. His girlfriend he had dated before Emma that remained friends with him up to that point, had suddenly stopped visiting. He was unsure of how to deal with his own feelings for me, and would have a friend court me instead.

He could never get the thought of me outside his head. But he had gradually began to make me feel uncomfortable, and so we stopped seeing each other for three months. Over that time I had time to think about what it was that bugged me about Emma who dunked bowling balls.

We had shared an interest an interest in a virtual reality game. We would sometimes connect together using headset with connected wires so as to make sure we were able to hear each other. There was a Japanese Role Playing game we used to play, that one could interest in partial real time, and would exchange our opinions about the game's subject matter, including our opinions on the shipping war. We would exchange these opinions in the bus.

I thought at the very least we could be friends.

But over the last few months she began to change for the worst. She became increasingly began to dress entirely in black dresses, and how she had began seeing either me and Bentley less and less.

Bentley called her one evening.

We found out she tried to commit suicide.

Over time she became less and less interested in with either of us. She had commented on how I seem to just cling to Bentley, and how Bentley seemed to take a liking to me. How he seemed to take a liking to anybody.

It was not long after they broke up.

Now hear I am waiting to sleep in my motel room. I am left wondering what to do with my life.

"What the first thing when you think of Emma." Bentley said, smoking a roll your own cigar. He is hanging out in the shadows, while we sit at a local Indian diner dive. He orders a dark brew.

"That girl in black that deceived me." I said, requesting a cigar. "I'm not sure I'll think of blonds in the same way again. Maybe it will fade, but now I'm left--"

"Think nothing of it Pace." he said, then put out his cigar. "I have a present for you, it was expensive. But I thought it was worth it. Have you ever had a magic orb?"

"I've seen them before but not had one."

"They say they can predict the future."

"What will you use it for?"

"To get my first girlfriend back, screw Emma."</font>

"Indeed, screw Emma."

We left the diner an hour after closing, being allowed to bring our food with us. We thanked the chef with his service with tips. We exchanged words together from months to month. Eventually I never saw Bentley again.

I moved out of state never to return.


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