The Ballroom Conspiracy Of Lady Jane

People have an seemingly infinite capacity to make up stories that eventually come to replace the known history, that later go on to be told more than the actual history, in order to glorify a person, place, thing, or event that had been distorted though a game of telephone across the decades. Shakeaspear is one of the most common examples, where he's really a made up character, created from a pseudonum of multiple different authors. The other proposes that Thomas Moore was merely an invention of Oliver Crumwell in order to highlight the barbarity of previous British rulers.

But last night I had a dream about the most bizarre of the mundane conspiracy theories: Lady Jane Grey was merely an invention of a drama author of the nineteenth century, who intended to highlight the cruelty of the the British rulers, who were willing to backstap each other, and would have the equivalent of dance balls to determine who would get sacked next, and sent to the chopping block. Often these balls would be framed around a noble child who had died of an smallpox or some other illness, one of whom was Lady Jane Grey. And that over time people began to slowly play telephone with her life story, until it eventually distorted into christening her as the nine days queen, who was unfairly beheaded by the then corrupt queen, because even this was a more noble and suffisticated way to go than to die in one's bed. That rather that dear lose her head.

So the change was made to have this instead, come World War I.

I couldn't believe what I heard, considering that for the longest time, the British Royal Family had been considerably out of touch, not even considering that others in various resistance movements across time, slowly began to experience far worse fates than merely being beheaded. But of course, they considered hanging, drawing, and quartering for those who didn't count as people anyway, so the thought was at the time.

Engravings in stone, according to some historians, bore the resemblance of have revision done to remove certain events, including replacing a bedroom scene with Lady Jane Grey kneeling on a headman's block, and the then replacement Queen kneeling and laughing at the young lasses demise.

Indeed, I knew history could be lies.

But Lady Jane Grey? Well come on.

That's just a ballroom conspiracy.


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