The cat which is blocking the normal chair

She used to be blocking 
the rocking
but now she is blocking the normal one, yeah.

It went like this:
I was doing my homework and it wasn't a bliss!
My mouth, it hurt! Because of my brace.
So I went to get wax to stick in my face.

But when I came back to do my work
the fat pet cat was there and that jerk
was blocking my favorite thing 'bout my session:
The chair to sit on, and I had the impression 
that the pet cat came to stay.
I was upset, that much I can say.

I wished my brother would have been there to help me
but one has to help oneself, as you can fairly well see.
The cat was too fat to be lifted or shifted
But as the sister of Ben I should be very gifted
at handling a cat which is blocking a chair 
And so I was ready to fight for it, yeah!

I swung the chair and I turned it around 
But the cat that lied there, she was like bound.
She kind of enjoyed what I was doing there
I heard quiet purring coming from her. 

So I decided to go a little bit more wild
But still, it looked almost as if she smiled!
Although I rocked the chair so badly
after half an hour the cat still purred and I left sadly.

I'd lost the fight, my strategy was to be improved.
So I left the cat and slowly moved 
towards the cupboard where cat snacks were kept,
opened the door and noisily unwrapped 
The favorite food of my furry friend
And – what shall I say – she ate me out of hand.

And since the cat had left the chair 
I was able to do my homework, yeah!
I would have been, but the cat came back
'cause now she was done with eating her snack.


Fairy Dust



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