Come in! come in! I dare you to try.
Take a look at my book, as the pages fly by.

In bloody red ink, lay the writings of doom,
I dare you to read, unleash hell in your room.
Challenge your luck, break the sigils of joy,
but make one wrong step - be forever my toy.

You'll enter my lair and soon you shall see,
There's quite no one else, who's as twisted as me.
For all who have come in search for my power,
were cast in my realm and enslaved in my tower.

I'm the goddess of lust, the best that has been,
Way more hypnotic than the mermaiden queen.
And boy am I scary, belive me, you'll see,
Even the Hangman is dead-scared of me.

The "Codex Voluptas", the book of desire,
Speak out my spell and burn in my fire.

The Codex Voluptas
Coming Soon (or Late) by Megan Core
Exclusively here on Belletristica


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    hell yes

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    More ò.ó...I want to read more ò.Ó....MORE Ò.Ó, very good. :)

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    Wow! I'm impressed!

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    "Exclusively here on Belletristica"? Wow. That's really an honor. Thank you for so much loyalty :D

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    aaaah i can't friggin wait for more <3 hell yeah, love it.

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    Now I am looking forward to see even more that I can adore ;)

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