The Rebirth Assumption

Her head lays on my shoulder – I can feel her inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling…

Like a never-ending circle of inhaling and exhaling. It’s funny how it seems so never-ending because it’s not. Also, it’s funny that we all know it. We are mortal beings – made (by god??) to die. We were born to die. We all know. We all must face death – sooner or later. And still, we are scared. Why are we scared? It’s obvious. Human beings are cold and calculating even though there are indeed some exemption – I don’t know whether they are relevant now or not. Anyway – to explain it in detail: We have no idea what is going on after death. Where will we be? Are we damned to be in hell or blessed to be in heaven? Is there a chance that we are nothing in the wide and endless other nothing that we like to call our universe (whereas “our” is stupid to say because we are more people of the universe than the universe is part of us)? Are we just some star dust, stellar dust (call it how you want)? Is our life useless, just as any other is? Or is there some parallel universe? Why are we on earth when we were born to die? If we look at us as a useless part of nothing – then we are literally made of other people’s death particles. Not fully but still. Amazing, isn’t it? That’s like the rebirth assumption. Just that there is no god behind the whole thing.

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    Your story is interesting to read and your English is very fluent. I like it and would be so happy to read more :)

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