The shriek of the owl






Lisa Richard: Valerie Bruni-Tedeschi

Mac Futuroy: Jason Isaaks


Elester Claw: Jonny Depp

Jim Highsley: Bill Nighy

Lord Waxmore: Hugh Grant

Eulalia Birdwitch: Madonna ( Emma Thompson?)

Merlot: Tom Felton

The feather-man (priest): Ralph Finnes

Ralf: David Bowie (guest apperance)



And others












Trailor with film song and names of cast:

the earth from space, coming closer and closer, in the end a birds view over an island in Hawaii ( or - song - example: Rocky H. P Show, lips - or sung by G.P., then: typwriting the cast)




Outside - a Beach - Lisa Richard ( an attractive woman from New Jersey, about fifty years, with her hair dyed in the different colours of eggs ( white, brown, yellow) Maracella ( a figure of Lisas imagination, an eight year old native girl from Hawaii) - day



A small path, up a dune. Lisa Richard walks up, on the other side is the shore. She looks at the ocean, sits down. Maracella is beside her, suddenly, like a ghost.


                  MARACELLA (to Lisa)                      

                                         So, who knows the story?


                  LISA (looking out to the horizon)      

                                        Alwin! ( She smiles to herself)


Maracella suddenly jumps up, into the braking waves, grasps something and throws a piece of cork into the sand.

                     LISA (not looking at Maracella - indeed in this whole scene is never looking to Maracella - takes up the piece and puts it in the sand again.)  

                                      Just some rubbish…


                       MARACELLA ( close up of the girl face looking at Lisa)




Outside - another part of the beach - Alwin Richard (Lisas husband, 64 years old, a teacher) - day



(Alwin walks along the beach, looking at the sea, at the Horizon. Then he looks over the dunes, his face frowning.)



Outside -  another part of the beach - Lerry Miller, Kat Waterrise


                                  KAT (a black-skinned boy, always with surfboard)

                                 Great, that you here now.


                                    LERRY (a sixteen year old boy from England)

                                 Yes, I guess have deserved these holidays, my first ones outside of England.




Outside - a clearing of a wood, Penny Lo, Pat Miller, Sucky, Selim, Eulalia Birdwitch, Elester Claw, Prof. Draciterius, Prof. Sanguinis Anatomis, a man bound to a tree, Jim Highlsey and the rest of the group, about forty people ( the most of them sixteen year old pupils), awaking - morning


                                 ELESTER CLAW( a man looking like a hooded monk with fingers of metal)

                  Wake up everyone! We have to organise!


                                 DRACULETTA ( a bat)

                 Don’t bother me, brother, I am a single fighter…


Two hours later ( Sucky,  a creature which nutures from frequences, has gone fat)


                                  ELESTER ( with a hoarse voice) Good morning everyone. God bless your open eyes!

 So, lets talk. We have conquered a dangerous wood, and                                                                                                                                                                                     there is now just one option, I guess: we have to walk to the   border!


            PROF DRACITERIUS ( a man of fifty centimetres in a reneccance stile)

                      The border? Never mind! My vision is clear, I will make my way back                                                                                                                     into the book! Nothing other is  worthy to be my very haunt!


            DR ANATOMIUS ( fifty centimetres, too, with a scalpel)

Well done, brother, well done! In the end we were just edge figures, I quit the scene,too!    


                      SELIM ( a goose)

… yes, that is right, we were’ nt put in words, just like a real ‘nowhere  man’! I quit, too, ‘Let it be’!


                FOUR YOUNG ADULTS

                                      …yeah, Elester, we want to return, too..


                ELESTER (pale)

There is no way to return, we have to make our way throughout this Kingdom of Thin Air! It does not matter what we have been, this is our challenge, we have to face it. I guess, we have to write our own story now!




So you speek God’s Word, don’t you, pahh! Lets fight middle-aged idealism, we are just human ( even a little small), but, therefore, it is our decision what matters, blessed with the profund science of the fifteenth century! And me, I am not keen to be a famous figure of some   weird story, I am living for science, for profund sincere research I give my word!


                            PENNY LO ( a sixteen-year old girl in a long coat) But we can’t return, there is no way back! Even if you try as hard as you can, you just would wander around in circles, going nowhere! This is no place like the earth, it is something else. Look at the fog, it would never

vanish… it is a kind of another dimension, I guess.


                         MERLOT ( a young vampire, only 101 years old, looking like seventeen)

So, lets the fathom continue…. if we are somewhere, where we, maybe, are in the middle of nowhere, are we still someone or maybe are going to be noone? To say it clear, do we still exist or is this maybe some reflection

of our thoughts and dreams and soon we are going to vanish?


                           EULALIA BIRDWITCH ( a very well dressed american woman)

Oh my God, let’s all gather to pray!



                              Stop that discussion! We have to act! I suggest, we make two groups.  The ones who would join me and take the chanche come forward to me!




Inside -  a hut - Lisa and Alwin in bed - morning

Lisa stares at a ray od light, which is climbing slowly up the wooden wall. Her husband awakes and curesses her, but she does not react.


Outside - a hut - Alwin and Lisa sitting on a table eating breakfast.



  Want some, darling? ( offers Lisa some fruits)


                                                        LISA ( shaking her head, behind her Maracella, Kat and Lerry have a meeting, unseen from the couple.



                  So, what is written on it?



                            A riddle to me…



                            She has to see it!

(In that moment Lisa takes up the pice of cork lying on the ground.)




 Look, Alwin, it has gone dry now, looks like something is written on it. She reads aloud: Captuered in the Kingdom of Thin Air… we need your help! Greetings to… Darling, someone needs help!



… oh, let’ s see, this does look familiar… for shure someone had thrown that piece of cork out of an helicoperter in loose of gounding control. Nice to

send his greetings, too. Or maybe Apple has invented a very best feature for waterproove computer gaming….




Some time later

Inside -  the hut - Alwin and Lisa in bed again


                            ALWIN ( looking his wife in the eyes, curessing her hair)

Darling, forget about that book. You finished it, it will never be published,  please lets be real! You could write another one, and, please, let it start in Hawaii ( smiles).



                          Alwin, we have rented this hut for all of our summer hollydays, we could make  just a short trip to Scotland…


                                    ALWIN ( moans)

  Lisa, no… what we are going to do there? Do you want to make any more resarch on spooking castles, which…?


                                    LISA ( interrupting)

                        They need me!


                                            ALWIN ( a little desperate)

 Lisa! Oh, for shure… tell me, did you ever mind how Elester Claw would  brush his teeth? But, another option: Eulalia Birdwitch is going to become a flying sufragette! She needs you for a starting license and a hint how to become airborne…


                                    LISA ( smiling, giving her husband a long kiss)



                        But maybe we should inform Alice Schwarzer, that her fight is just won…



Inside - a huge hall - employes sitting in front of their computer, RALF, WALTER (close up)





Inside - an airplane – Lisa, Alwin – day



      LISA ( her head on Alwins shoulder, opens her eyes and speaking quietly)

                            Do you miss him?


                              ALWIN (still his eyes closed)

                            How could I?



 ‘Triangular blinking’ or ‘Cosmic three’ would be a good title for my next book, don’t you think… or ‘me and the lover of my husband’ with the subtitle ‘ how to become airbone without a plane’…(smiling).




Okey…, but it’s over. Leonhard has gone, we will never see him again, too busy giving seminars…



    Anyway, I don’t miss him.



    Still jealous?



    No, as long as you do not love him more than me…


                                               ALWIN ( smiles)

    But of course I do.



Inside - a hut - Selim, Lerry, Kat, Maracella - day




                                  Look, it wakes up!


                                              SELIM (opens his eyes, starring around)

‘Across the universe’ I am safe, no pot!’ I escaped! Happiness is a warm                                                                                                    gun’! Who are you?



                                  We think we are figures from a book, but are not shure.



‘Lady Madonna’, me too, ‘I wanna hold your hand’, if I could! ( moves                                             its wings happily).




                                And you are….



                                … Selim, the only normal goose, may I say… normally living in a zoo in

                                 London in 1965, during the roaring sixties, aware of all Beatle songs,

                                even the ones still to be written... like’Paperbackwriter’  

                                (1966). But I was extracted, sucked away from my zoo and my time,

landed in a wood with fourty-five other figures. In the Kingdom of Thin Air. (shakes his head  quickly) ‘Nowhere man’.



                                                LERRY (exited)

You mean, you and other figures were torn out of the book? (Takes up the  cork ) So it is true!



                                ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’



The Kingdom of Thin Air! The Riddle!



   …yes, somewhere in the skies, much fog ‘Lucy

in the sky with diamonds’. I did not want to join the                                                                                        groups and thought, maybe as a bird, ‘And your bird can sing’, I could find another way out of this vacancy, ‘Cry for a shadow’…. And I was right!’Fixing a hole’. Well, when I crossed the last border and came out of the fog’ Do you want to know a seccret?’, I could see the hebredies down below, I know these isles because of my grandma,’here, there and everywhere’, I  must have been higher than 8.000 meteres…’I’ ll follow the sun’ ‘


              MARACELLA and LERRY ( at the same  time)

                                What border?



                          The border of the realm of the ‘Never-Seen-Ever-Present-Ogres-of-

                          Bottomless-Greed ‘ ‘Money, that’ s what I want’. A terrible monster! ‘We can work it out’. Invisible, but neverless or

                           therefore so dangerous!’Twist and shout’.



                            Tell us more!



                            Well, ‘Octopus’ s garden’…










Outside - Kingdom of Thin Air – Elester Claw, Eulalia Birdwitch, Jim Highsley, Merlot, Penny Lo, Pat Swift, Sucky, Lord Waxmoore - evening





Okey, we’ll take a rest! Put her down!


JIM HIGHSLEY (an always drunk clochard)

Mad –madmoiiselle, you can ‘hicks’ lay here for a while, Myladddy ( Jim let go of Eulalia Birdwitch arms and the unconcious woman is put on the ground.)


MERLOT (who was holding her feet, put them down,too).

Is ist already dark, could I loose my eyepatch?


EULALIA (awakes, looks at Merlot, screems)



Thank you, Madame, I am gonna wait!


              PENNY LO ( embraces Eulalia, who is totally out of  order)

Miss Birdwitch, please, relax. Slowly breath in and out…




Slowly breath in…, my girl, as matters stand… we are in the middle of nowhere, going nowhere, not even shure, if we are still alive or just some reflection of our former self… it is a nightmare (begins to weep). Why have I come here? The last thing I remember: I was sitting in a buisness-meeting with a producer and a director of Warner Bros, typwriting all they where talking about and suddenly… ( she looks around as she were in a trance) I, together with a pack of unfamiliar creatures, found myself in this foggy place…


                          A VOICE OUT OF NOWHERE

Does you some good, Grandma…!


                          EULALIA ( shrieks again)

Who says that?


(A moment break where everyone is quiet, then Elester shruggs his shoulder,

backs down to Eulalia to comfort her, too)




…yes, Mrs. Birdwitch, Bel Raven told me… you are one of the few humans here in the Kingdom of thin air, just because of her letter, she is so sorry…



EULALA ( looks up as she were a maniac)

Bel Raven? You mean that girl, that went with the others because of narrative reason, because she knows everthing in advance and does not want to bother us… what has she to do with my being here?




She had no time to tell you, I guess… Bel Raven wrote a letter to Warner Bros last winter with a tape of a song she had recorded. You were the one who got the parcel, you opened it – reason enough to suck you into the story, too… but, on the other hand, she‘s done some useful thing, too…



… that would be…



In a wise preconception of future events… a few months ago she went to Vancouver island and threw a piece of written cork into the Pacific ( messages in bottles seemed to be too ordinary for such a phenomenal event). Her plan to save the world, I guess… anyway, this is the only link we have into the ‘real word’. God knows what was written on that cork…




                          EULALIA ( lamenting)

… safe, I was so safe, had a wonderful appartment, a new TV screen and now I will never know, if Mr Elester Stubborn and Batty Love will become a couple!



                          PAT SWIFT ( a sixteen year old boy,  Penny Los friend, comes out of the wood) Look, I’ have got something to eat ( throws some mushrooms on the ground) We could cook them! Mr. Claw, please! ( holds out a stick, Elesters blows on it and the stick is burning). Thank you, takes only some minutes!


MERLOT ( sniffing into the air, pulling down his eyepatch)

It’ s dark enough, I am on a hunt! (vanishes into the wood).



(Some minutes later, the rest of them are sitting around the fire. Suddenly they hear a voice in the darkness behind)



LORD WAXMORE ( a schottisch Lord with a kilt joins them) Heavens thanks! I found you ! I thought I have got lost!



ELESTER ( angry)

You were lost! I told everyone to make a clear decision as we started! You were not totally shure, it would be the right decision to go with our little group, were’nt you?



Yes, no, I mean, the little Reneccance figures, they confused me… I always thought…



… anyway, you here now… but don’ t doubt your decision again… hey, what’s that?


                        DRACULETTA ( the bat is flying round their heads)

Cant’stand that Professor anymore, he drives us all crazy, let me join you please! Do you mind? ( She lands on the coat of Penny Lo, totally exhausted).



Don’t mind, welcome! I always wanted a pet like this! You are safe with me!



Thank you, very kind ( falls asleep immediatley, her wings over her heard, hanging on the front side of Penny Los black coat.)



POSI ( the bird-message service)

Me, too, please… the most of the animals are leaving the big group, the Professor and the Doctor, they are quarelling all the time, not shure which direction to take!



ELESTER (shakes his head, tired)

If they knew… it is out of question which direction to take! In this realm it is important to have a concret aim to come forward… and if they don’t want to reach the border, the border never will come to them. It is totally unneccecary to move around here, just your focus matters…




So we can stop here and wait until the border joins us!




I am afraid, this would ‘ nt do us some good…



Why not?



Because if we stay more than seven hours on a place, we would dissolve…




… but that is the same as dying!




No, we would still be alive, as a kind of very small pieces, swirling around… but it would become very unlikely that the boarder would approach us in that form!


EULALIA ( stands up quickly)

So, what… this is schocking!


PAT (suddenly suspicious)

Mr. Claw, why do you know all these things we don’t know…



Bel Raven told me bevore leaving… she said, to give me these informations would be essential for our surviving.


FISCHA (a guenon joins them)

Help, these superego scientists… they are gonna make a monkey out of me! I quit the scene! Hello everywhere, you look more subconscious experienced, may I join you?



Hello! This is real hope! Experts are joining us, so we won’t fail! Naturally, you are very much welcome…



                          PAT (shaking his head)

That is a lot of bullshit! I would prefere to play ‘Counter Strike’. But, anyway, this game, too, has started as a boring dating plattform…




Outside - Bog of Banality ( you see a bog covered with fog ) - you hear many people speaking but not understand a word - (short picture, just for a few seconds)



Outside - London - Alwin, Lisa sitting in a Taxi.




Really nice, we walk through London ( looks out of the car, which is stuck in the rush-hour traffic, moves only a few meters per hour.)



LISA ( looking very concentrated, staring out of the window. As they cross Trafalgar Sqare, she opens the door of the Taxi).

I have to get out, temporally, Darling, see you in a minute. ( She runs to one of the big lions of stone and seems to talk to it. Her husband watches her with an undescribable expression).



Nice to see you again, Honey!( giving Lisa, who joins her husband in the car a few minutes later, a kiss as if she had been away for long)




Vicoria street! ( she commands the driver)




What do you want in the ‘City’? Give rise to a new world economic crisis?



(Soon the Taxi stops, they get out of the car, Alwin puts on sunglasses, it is a wonderful sunny sommerday, without any clouds in the sky).



At least one thing is not extraordinary on our jounrney: the wheather!

( the two of them walk along Victoria street. After a while Lisa stops abruptly and looks up a 19 th-century building.)


LISA ( very cautious)

Darling, … would you mind acting as talking to me, when I am gonna have a little chat with the lion of stone up there? I mean, so people would not stand and stare…


ALWIN ( staring up the building to a lion covered in pigeons crap) For shure Darling, never mind!



Nice to meet you again, Sir Leo the fourth up three! What a nice day! Do you remember me?




Who is interrupting my morning-sleep? What a shame!



I am so sorry, Sir, I just thought, passing by, to welcome you and give you my thanks again for the shelter you offered me in spring when I was hunted… it’s me again, you may call me Bela Petty, I mean, I had a little different form, the shape of an owl… we were in the Sixties of the last century….





Well, I do remember! The little owl, which was’ nt an owl… I told Purtschitsch, the shrew-mouse to find you a haunt… are you hunted again? The pigeon loft nearby St. Paul would be on sale…




No, thank you, very kind of you! I am in London for other reason. Your colleague from Trafalgar Sqauare told me, that Jim Highsley, the always drunk clochard, has dissapeared from London! By the way, have you heard of him?



Jim Highsly, that guy who always was feeding the pigeons? The one we were asking, when we were looking for you?*(Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape were searching for Ms Petty, who had transformed herself into an owl and had escaped into another time to outrun the Dark Lord in ‘Bela Petty and the Towers of Hogwarts’)


LISA ( amazed)

YOU remember Jim Highsley?



Well, I read your book… but maybe I am tagging to much with some of the characters to remember it all…



Anyway, Sir Leo the fourth up three…. did you see Jim Highsley in this street or do you know, where he might be?



Not at all!



… or did you notice something extraordinary at the time he vanished, it has to be

( she catches her thoughts) … one month ago, I guess…



A month? What’ s that?



Okey, sorry, Sir, I mean ( she looks up the skies, thinking) I mean, when the moon was full the last time…



Full moon, you mean….( after a while) Yes, there happened something extraordinary indeed. I remember, because I saw that wonderful Siamese cat down on the street I wanted to crush in… would have been a nice way to die! Anyway, she was looking at the moon, miowing… suddenly I felt a strange sensation! Something was tearing my insides of stone, I was shaking for a moment, first I thought: what a cat down below!, then I thought of a little earthquake…



Thank you very much, Sir Leo the fourth up three, that is good information…

Have a nice time, Good bye!( She grabs Alwin, they pass the group of japanese who are all taking pictures of the lion in pigeon crap).


A YOUNG PUNK ( behind them, follows them)

Oh, that’s good information, Sir Leo the fourth up three… that’ s really royal!



Maybe we should return to the proposal of Sir Leo… what about the pigeon loft?


(They call for a taxi as more and more people watch or follow them. As they shut the door of the Taxi from inside, the punk is jumping forward, his nose on the glas, staring into the car.)



I know enough now, Leo the fouth up three….!


(Slowly the car moves.)




It is irritating! God thanks he can’ t come inside!



I still toy with hiding in the pigeon loft!



Well, Darling, think of being a famous actor, loved by everyone. Then you would not mind this little publicity…


ALWIN (having a look on his watch)

Well, can’t think of something better to do now… but, by the way, what are you shure about now?


LISA ( ignoring the question, looking out of the window)

Look, Alwin, there is someone of the Royal guards, they guide us!



Great, I hope the queen has no intention to see us today… so, tell me, Darling…



The Lion was talking about some kind of strange sensation at the time when Jim Highsly vanished…


ALWIN ( looking blank)

Yes, that explains everything…




… Alwin , something is going on and it has to do with the book I wrote! The Lion is into it and Jim Highsly, too. To both of them happened something at the same time… Alwin …TIME!



You think your mother is involved somehow?


LISA (shrugs her shoulders)

I don’ t know. But…, and this I am asking myself my whole life through: How real is the world we are living in? I mean, we go on living day by day as we knew what would be real… at the same time scientists are speaking of the theoretic option of paralell universes or of multidimensional personalities… Alwin, writing this book… I have never experienced something like this before! The words that came threw, the figures, the story… as if it would exist already in some kind of … I dont’ know… I am neither a scientis nor a mystic, but I would want to understand what is going on…


ALWIN ( sighing, looking up, desperatley)

Yes, my Darling, I would, for shure, too, like to know what is going on…


LISA ( unpatient)

Okey, Alwin, not the old stories… I know what you are thinking: I was raised up without parents and therefore I have married a man fourteen years older than me who could nearly be my father. After a sexual fullfilling and very inspiring ralationship as three, I have invented some kind of female Godess, to provide for myself all the never experienced Love of a mother figure… that is what you mean, isn ‘t it?


ALWIN ( not saying a word, staring out of the window)



I mean… aren’t we all like some lost children here on earth, regarding ouselves as the most intellegent creatures existing? And aren’ t we are all on the way to destroy this planet profoundly… But what do we really know about ouselves and the world we live in?




Okey, Lisa lets play… I mean, we are going to spend the rest oft the afternoon in this car, anyway, why not make a riddle out of everthing…so, take Jim Highsly. What has he to do with Leo the forth… or, lets take Kat Waterrise. They both are figures of a… so to say…mysterious book. Point one. And therefore… a strange sensation happened to them at the same time…



Yes, that IS the point . At the same TIME!





Lisa, maybe  the big Lion of Trafalgar square forgot about Jim, because of pigeon crap covering his eyes. And therefore Jim felt ignored, took a haunt in a goods-wagon to Liverpool, where he is feeding pigeons now. Would be an option, would’ nt it ? ( suddenly in a rage) Lisa, please let’s stop this madness!


LISA ( excited, too)

Alwin, the words on the cork… it was a call of help!



                          ALWIN ( very loud)

Yes, Lisa, you’ ve got the point. On a rotten piece of cork your novel-figures send you a call of help. That is way we cancel our holidays in Hawaii and are stuck in the rush-hour traffic in Lonon. That makes sense, my Dear!


(A break where none of them speaks)




As much as I apreciate your unconventional way of intuition, but for the moment we only move a few meters per hour and I don’t have no clue…



… captured in the Kingdom of Thin Air. If this is meant literally?



…captured in midst of rush hour, at least, isn’ meant literally… some real experience, I guess… ( he looks at Lisa, tries to smile, his face somehow out of order…)


LISA ( opens the door of the car and jumps out)







Inside - Hotel room - Lisa, Alwin - night


ALWIN ( lying in clothes on the bed, staring at the ceiling)



LISA ( comes into the room, sits down on the edge of the bed) Darling, don’ t you think… there might be some kind of… energy or movement or… I don’t know… which is able to pull figures of a novel… at least their spiritual essence…


ALWIN (released to see his wife again)

Don’ t know, Darling, it is not my faculty, but we’ll see…( Alwins telephone rings, it is the song of the international hymn. He takes the telefone out of his suit, Lisa grabs it)




Hello, who is speaking? Lerry… yes, thank you, we are fine…


ALWIN ( starring at Lisa, suspicous)



…yes, it is dark already in England… So, how are you? Fine? What, a goose? A goose talking about the Realm of Thin Air? That is… somewhere above Scotland… above the clouds… what borders…. The Bog of Banality…. Wall of A Thousand Unchallenged Convictions and city of Never-Seen-Ever-Present-Ogres-of-Bottomless-Greed? ( Lisa is starring at Alwin, pale)


ALWIN ( gives a kind of strange laugh, sounds like cock bevor being killed) … the city of Never-Seen-Ever-Present-Ogres-of-Bottomless-Greed? Maybe we should make a stop at harrods, I suggest… ( suddenly grabs the telefone) Hello, who, the hell, are you? ( after a few second lets the hand with the telefone sink) Lisa, do you want to drive me insane?( very quiet). Do you have a secret lover, do you want to make a fool out of me?



Alwin, I… don’t do something…. Did he hung up? I mean, it was as normal for me as it could be… it was Lerrys voice, I saw him with my inner eye when he was speaking. As the telefon was ringing, I knew that it had something to do with my story… but please belive me: I don’ want to make you mad, the last think I would whish for, and I don’t have a secret lover either… I do love you and am confused about this call the same way as you are at last!


(They look each other in the eyes for a while)


ALWIN ( released at last)

Okey…maybe a side effect of too much skyping ( he succeeds to smile). This may have been some madman, or someone who would make a fun out of a false number. As he realised you were talking him seriously, he told you some bullshit!

( He throws his telefone on the bed)



LISA ( takes slowly up the phone)

Alwin, is it common for airlines to leave their sticker … on mobile phones? You did’ not have this on the airpalne before they very checking the mobile…( she investigates a small patch with the sign of an airplane, pitched on Alwins mobile)




Can’t remember the name of our airline…was’ nt it ‘Chickenwings’( tries very hard to smile).


LISA ( very pale now)

No, Alwin, ‘Tochronoth wings’… could it be, that someone has got your number because of this patch…?



ALWIN ( laughs, but stressful)

…oh, Lisa, maybe you should write about… yes, you should write a thriller, maybe about the USA chasing an american citizen for publishing secret information of the FBI on the internet… that would be a bestseller! But, don’t look at me that way! We go down to the Hotels internet café to check this out…


Inside -  the hotel - internet café - Alwin, Lisa - night



(Alwin and Lisa looking at a Internetscreen . . . an article in ‘The times’ – about the security forces on airplanes in the UK, patches were put on mobiles to chek automatically the nummers of technical objects taken on board)



…but an airline called ‘Tochronoth wings’ is nowhere to be found…



Inside – the hotelroom – night –Alwin, Lisa


(A class of Whiskey in their hands they lean in upholstered armchairs)



… what did Lerry, I mean this person, say to you before hanging up?



… he said, his name was Lerry Miller, than he apologised for the interruption and hung up! So, what you think…



… Alwin, maybe you think I am totally mad, but lets try… let us act, as … if my figures were real and we could have had a telefone chat with them…


ALWIN ( his face covered with his hands)




 Look… lets think logically … in this story… I have written ouselves

                          into a book… so we are existing as human beings and as novel characters… what if Lerry and all the others… are more than just novel characters? Maybe they, too, are living more than a one, two, three, four dimensional life… like we ourselve live more than a one, two, three, four dimensional life… by the way, do you remember a goose you had met last year in the book?







A goose? Yeah… not just one… oh , Darling… (takes a strong sip of Whisky, suddenly giggles…) Yeah, I mean, it, s okey, totally.., I am beginning to see the light: somewhere… over the rainbows of Scotland ( giggles again) some novel-charcters are wandering in a Kingdom of Thin Air… maybe we should inform the ground control of all airlines, so Jim Highlsy and co. do not paralyse the international air-traffic… but, for shure, there is an airport up there for planes to land… let us see tomorrow the airport and book a flight into the Kingdom of Thin Air. I am fond of what the employees are going to tell us…




Thank you for your ironic sense! But you act as if it is only me being responsible for … this whole situation! You forget, that I have been writing this book as in a trance! What if, there IS a being supernatural, which is not indifferent of what is happening with our planet… what if this being is to make a change or wants to tell us something? I know I am not Sri Aurobindo and I have just written a fantasy-story… but this symbol of a holy bird… it is existing in different cultures.. what if it really exists?



Lisa, no… even if I am already drunk…


LISA ( pitiless)

…what, if this creature had needed a dreamer like me. Well, to lay an egg into a bestselling novel… this I don’t understand, either, but maybe this bird had needed a quite place to hatch out for his legacy, until the time was right…


ALWIN ( in a moment of clear thought)

… and who, my dear Darling, would have any interest to transport these figures of the ‘holy bird’ into a Kingdom of Thin air? They would never have been noticed by anyone, as so this novel never would be puplished!



… this I don’ t see, too, but… maybe… these figures just existing… would be for someone…dangerous, frightening, offending? Maybe this was not in the plan of the supernatural being, not to be foreseen…



… I will not forseen anything, too, anymore, Baby…( pulls Lisa close and kisses her) Lets be real!



Ouside - a view over London - a volture

(vuture Willy still is circling above the city)


WILLY ( one of the figures having escaped the

Kingdom of Thin Air because of being a bird)




Inside - open-plan office - Walter, Roy



ROY( an empolyee) looking his colleague Walter over the shoulder at a computerscreen)

Did you determine the position of the flying SEPEs ?


WALTER ( a younger employee)




Okey, let’s try to find the rest of them.


WALTER ( working on his computer for a while)

I am sorry, Sir, I am afraid, the PS are not water-proof.



Outside - Hawaii - a beach – Maracell, Kat , Lerry


The three of them are walking along the beach. Suddenly Maracella stops.




What is that? ( She points out to something black in the breaking waves)



A dead shark?


LERRY( jumps into the water, pulls out a black helmet and armour).



Inside – London – a hotel room, Alwin, Lisa


Alwin, Lisa in bed, interwoven, Lisa awakes.



LISA (as in a trance)

Due to a extremly high degree of compaction of kinetic energy, figures are able to be sucked out of their novel…


ALWIN (awakes)

… you have never told me ‘Good morning’ in such a nice way, Darling…


LISA ( turns swiftly on her back, opens her eyes widley, speaking in a strange voice)Someone has to have sucked my novel-characters out of the book, at least their spiritual essence!( Lisa nearly stops breathing, just staring to the ceiling)


ALWIN ( suddenly full awake, startled, shaking Lisa to get her out of her trance)



LISA ( in her normal voice again, streching, yawning)

Good morning, Darling, had a good sleep?


ALWIN( his head rested his hand, looking down to Lisa, serious)

… yepp, I hope, you, too…so, everything is clear now, it seems…


LISA (looking at her husband, frowning)

What is… did I speak in trance again?


ALWIN (shaking his head slowly)

You just told me, what happened to your novel characters. The poor ones were sucked out of the book, due to a high compaction of kinetic energy…( he can’t help to put a smile on his face)


LISA (smiles, jumps out of the bed)

That’s great, Darling, I new it! Come on, Baby, today we’ll do something special! We’ll gonna take a train, but first we have to book a flight up north!



Outside - Hawaii - beach - sunset, Lerry, Maracella, Kat


(The three of them are sitting on the sand, staring out to the ocean, the sun is about to sink in the west).



Looks as the sun would pour into the ocean!



Lerry, what is our story about, anyway? I have been here all the time, I have ’ nt got a clue?



Well, it is about a holy bird or a Goddes, or maybe just the white of an egg… I did’ nt check it out too detailed, anyway…(smiles, because for shure he ( or some kind of alter-ego) did so, unintentionally, in the truest sense of the word)



So, what happened then? I, too, was here all of my life in Hawaii, for thirty-eight years, in the constant age of eight years…



This bird had lain an egg in some kind of boarding school…




That is cool! But why did this bird do so?






I guess, the bird was on a mission, anyway… the egg was more or less a kind of symbol for holy consciousness…. And, as the matters were, a new teacher came to this school, a woman. Firstly noone knew, but after a while this new teacher turned out to be a half-goddes… it was chaos, profundly then…



What happened?


LERRY ( poited out to the horizon, where big ships outlined shilouettes in the dying sun)

Look, the sun has a face, does’nt she have one?

(Noone is speaking for a while)



Do you think there is one God or do you thing there are many Gods?


LERRY(shruggs his shoulders)

Maybe that would not make such a big difference in the end, all goes for one, maybe…



Do you think, God has created man or man has created God?



Who knows, people have been discussing this for a long time, still… an unsolved riddle, like: who was first, the hen or the egg?




Hm, but maybe this would not be such a riddle anyway, maybe it is just our way of logical investigation, which creates these kind of problems…



But I want to know, who has created us?



Us? That is pretty clear, Lisa, for shure!



So, Lisa is a human being and we are…



… novel characters



So, why are we able to sit here without our story? Does this make sense?





That is a little weird, for shure, but maybe we are novel-Characters and humans?

( laughs)



Maybe we are humans, novel-characters and Gods, who knows? Anyway, I am freezing, whoever I am, lets go back! ( An owl is hooting)



Outside - Glasgow, a little hill, with view over city - Alwin , Lisa - (someone is playing guitar)



LISA ( embraced by Alwin, they both enjoy the view over Glasgow)

Look, Alwin, seems to be a huge bird over there!( points a bird of prey)



Yes, gigantic ! Could be a vulture. But vultures in Glasgow, don’t know… maybe belongst to a zoo… (looks at the bird, which flies in circles and then vanishes in the distance).




Alwin, we know so little…



… you speak my word! I became aware of this fact the first time I saw you ( kisses her), POV over Glasgow. Further down a tourist (an anglophil Austrian , G.P.) is asking a Glasgowian for the way. CUT


Outside - Hawaii - Maracella - day ( Maracella swims, enjoys the sea)


LISA ( still in embrace with Alwin, after a long kiss)

… it is time, we have to catch the train!

( You see them waling down the hill, through the streets of Glasgow)


Inside – a train – Alwin, Lisa – Mac Futuroy ( an elegant man, dressed in an expensive suit, looks like some enterpreneur) – late afternoon (Alwin and Lisa sit alone in a train compartment, and are looking out of the window at a wonderful scenery. When is gets darker, they switch on the lights, Alwin is starting to read a newspaper, Lisa takes out a book).




We stop at Ben Nevis, mybe we should climb the mountain…( smiles)




I told you, I would join you on a walk, if the gradiant angle of the road is not more than three percent… you know I love hights…( the train moves on again)


MAC FUTUROY ( first looking for a moment threw the compartment window before entering)

Good evening, Madame e Monsieur, is anyone sitting here? ( He places himself opposite to Alwin and puts his attache case beside him, opposit Lisa. Alwin nearly looks up, he is absorbed by his reading. Lisa and the stranger smile to each other, then Lisa, too, is reading again. Mac Futuroy streches out his legs as if nobody would sit opposit of him, looking out of the window )


ALWIN ( irritated, because of the stranger’s feet around his feet, startles, and unintentionally touches the shoe of the man oppite of him)

Sorry Sir…



Never mind ( smiles a winning smile, looking Alwin in the eyes. Alwin, still irritated and spontaneously confused, looks quickly back into the newspaper ) You are on a holyday trip? Yes , here in Schotland you have a great scenery. By the way, nice to meet you…( smiles at Lisa, who is , too, a little bit confused by the stranger.



                      ALWIN ( let go of the newspaper)

                        … yes, we are on a trip… and you are, presumably, here on busiess… ( looking into the stranger’s eyes again. For a moment none of the two me speaks. Lisa watches the stranger)


                          MAC FUTUROY

On business? No, usually I am working in the USA. But I was born here and returned because of inheritance case, I have inherited a lovely estate in the Highlands. I had to leave my company for a while, but, no problem in these modern times… so the planet earth has become a confinded space, don’ t you think so? ( Laughs his winning laugh to both of his opposit sitting travelers, maybe a little more winning to Alwin).



What’s up? This is not a stop! ( Lisa looks threw the window, tries to make out why the train ist stopping).



You are right, Madame, this ain’t a stop. But, look, we are on a bridge and here is the famous Glenfinnan Monument with the statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie. On this point in the year of 1745 the flag of the Stuarts was put and the dying of many men followed… not a funny story, this is…



But this ain’t the reason to make the train stop, I guess…( a voice over the public adress talkes about filmes scenes for a hooywood movie, which were shooted around Glenfinnan).



Did you here?



No. (Unfolding and folding up his newspaper awkwardly)



A wonderful buiness idea… top one! And it is just a story, a book and a film. It should have made it already to the balance of foreign trade!



What ain’t to difficult concerning the balance of foreign trade…


LISA ( nearly unfriendly)

For shure, Mr Futuroy, for a serious writer there ain’t something more important than the balance of foreign trade…


MAC FUTUROY ( smiling)

That is out of question, Madame. But, you know, I studied economics and , sorry for that, may have a little different point of view. I am the leader of a growing mobile buisiness in Massachusetts… by the way, My Futuroy, if I may…




Your name reminds me of some japanese influence in some way?




Yes, you are… but, nothing of some interest, in the end pure chanche…well I hope you are going to have a pleasant stay in Scotland.



The same for you, Mr Futuroy.( The conversation has a break, Lisa tries to concentrate on her book, while Alwin ist staring out of the window, meeting his own reflection and the reflection of Fututoys face because the lights are on).




You are a passionate reader, Madame?


LISA ( smiles an ambiguous smile, say nothing)



ALWIN ( a little helpless)

We are going to arrive soon at Mallaig.




Yes, and I am going to leave you one station before…( waits a short moment to catch a reaction, looking directly into Alwins eyes) But if your schedule approves, I woulded be pleased to welcome you in my newly heritated estate in the Highlands… a wonderful place for relaxation! ( Lays his card on the windowtable). The pleasure would be mine. Thank you for your entertaining company, I whish you a pleasant journey. ( Stands up, then hestitates) Well, maybe you will find some use of it… our brand-new mobile, I I may… a give-away ( puts down a mobile phone )

Good buye ( leaves the comparment).



ALWIN ( laughs an puts up the card9

Mister Mac Futuroy,

Director of ‚Mobiles Word Wide’, Frebur Elm, Massachusets, USA. … with telefonnumber. That is nice, isn’ t it? ( puts away the card, takes the mobile)




Please, Alwin, put it down.




Any objection? Whow, this mobile for shure is able to launch a rocket…



Alwin, you know I hate mobiles, anyway, and I am not fond of having a keepsake of our charming travel-companion…




Lisa, I know, but…




Please, Alwin, put it down…






And if so Mr Bruce Springstten would have bequeathed a mobile to us… (laughs)




Mr Bruce Springsteen has no real need to give away mobiles…



Outside – trainstation – night

A train is exploding



Outside – The Realm Of Thin Air – The smaller group

The group walking through the fog, Jim is constantly singing terrible melodies ( so he is always drunk).



When his reservoir of Whiskey will be running out… I can’ t stand this any longer!



As long as we are walking in this realm, it will never run out, unfortunately… did’ nt you wonder why our clothes don’t get dirty or torn… in this realm everthing stays at it is.



But we have to teat and drink… what is it with the animals and plants we eat?




They are reproducing themselves as nothing would have happened, in this world there even is no death at all!




EULALIA ( stops her chatter with Lord Waxmoore) We can ‘ t die? Acually? But you mentioned we would dissolve if we’d stay on a place for too long?




Dissolve, yes, we would circle around as tiny particles, and it would become very unlikley for us to join the border in this state of condition. The fact is, that in this world we have no contact to the living world, and the living world has no contact to us. We are put alive, somehow, but it is tin-life, we are preserved here, not able to live at all, in the end! And if we don’ t succed to leave this place behind, we would vanish into a great pettiness, sometime, sooner or later…



MERLOT (shyly)

Bt, Mr Claw, so I would be able to suck on you, your blood would renew itslef…




You forget, sweet MR Merlot, that would cause us pain, and pain is here to be gelt in this realm. It is pain already to walk through this foggy realm…


EULALIA (sulks, looking at Lord Waxmoore) well, I don’t mind… it is not such a bad place at all, if we cant’t die here… naturally I would prefer to have a nice little house with green gardens and a real lawn gnome, well the climate is not to cosy, and I miss my colour TV, but, ahh, what is that ( stops, as she ran into something)




The border… is coming closer ( everybody is looking up a pole of metal vanishing in the fog) we have to be careful!



Why carefull?



The closer the border gets, the closer the Bog of Banality comes… we have to keep in mind what we say, otherwise we talk a lot of rubbish ( looks at Eulalia)



MERLOT (excited)

There is something there…. Somethin very much alive (sniffing

in the air)



POSI(swirling out of the fog)

Did I get to you, finally, heaven’s thanks!



Damn it!



Hallo, brother, some good news? What about the others?



Chaos, total chaos, the group has disolved ( Eulaia screams)

They are spreading as individuals in diffenrent directions…




They are lost. What about Bel Raven?




Oh, she has sung her song, lightly, and gave me the advice to look for you….




So, you want to join us to the border…




Well, I am a BMS, a bird-message-service, like any animal I am able to cross the border but more than this I could do something for you… send a message. The vulture Willy already may have crossed the border. He said, he thought he had a message, but could not tell, what it was. He already left us a few days ago.




Yes, maybe you could be a help for us, because without a connection to the outside word we would fail to leave this Realm Of Thin Air… maybe…. ( looks pensive)




Mr Claw, why you know all these things, we don’t?



Elester (smiles)

I had a chat with Bel Raven before she left, she said at the right time I would know everything I had to know for survival…well, I hope she is true…



We all do hope so…



Outside – Hawaii – on the beach – Lerry, Maracella, Kat , evening



KAT (sits beside Lerry and Maracella on the beach, looking at the horizon, the sun is going down)

Lerry, what is this mysterious book all about? Guess you now it best, Maracella and me have been always here, even when we were mentioned in that story…



LERRY( playing with a tiny stick, signing something in the sand) Well, I am not so shure, too, but… it is about some specific bird, a sacred one… and about a new teacher in some kind of boarding school. There was a lot of trouble going on and everthing what happened was written down, I don’t know why…. But in the end this new teacher, a woman, turned out to be some kind of half-goddes, it had something to do with the egg the bird layed in this school…



Why did the bird do this?




Don’ t know, guess was on a higher mission…



MARACELLA ( after a silence)

Do you think there are many Gods or just one?



LERRY ( shrugs his shoulders) Maybe that is no contradiction in the end…




Do you think man has created God or Gods or God has created man?


LERRY ( laughs)

Miss ‘whant-to-know-everthing’, mankind has been arguing this for a long time since… but I am Mr Supermind-knowes-everything…



MARACELLA (sulking)

I just want to know… who has created us?




That is not a problem, Lisa, for shure.



And Lisa is a human bering, but we are…




Novel figures…



But why are we able to sit here, without the rest of the story, and talk and think about ouselves… and Lisa, has’ nt she written herself into the book we are talking about?




Maybe we are novel figures and humans….




Maybe we are novel figures, humans and Gods, anyway, it’s getting, dark, lets go back!




Outside – The Realm Of Thin Air – The smaller group



EULALIA ( taking vividly with Lord Waxmoore who looks exhausted) …well no franchise for puppets, but lets get serious, why, you think, did Jamie Oliver not present himself for candidate last year? With his recipes he could have been the bodygard for the prime minister during the beauty contest, nevertheless the Tories won again, mastermix classics…




Stop! Immediately!




My God, what’s that ( she looks into an abyss)?There have been trees and fog a few seconds ago….



ELESTER ( whispering)

That was an illusion, the mind reproduces the already known, when it cannot intigrate the news…




Well, you dully-mully Lady, you don’t catch it, no, no…







Who said this? ( Looks around, everyone is stunned, noone says something) Penny Lo, did you… ( Penny Lo is shaking her head)




Anyway, I think the boarder has approached us, finally!




This is the boarder? It came out of nowhere, seems to be nowhere…




… to the boarder there is no measure of time or space, when it is ready it is ready…




It is smelly…




… I hear something…( everybody is listening)







… japp, highs, life is a wholesome everglade…




Shut, down, Mr Highsly, please, we can’t understand a word…




That would not be of any help…look! ( suddenly the fog over the abyss is clearing and below you see a lot of pweople, stucking in the morass, a mobile telephone clamped around hier mouth. As they talk into it, gry slime comes out of their mouth)









My head, Jesus, what a bad inebriation this is…




MY body’s aching, MR Claw what is this all about?




This is a result of electrosmog… we have to be quick… Posi?




YIPP, ready to deliver any message…



… so… this is what you have to do… sear for her (caughs)…




…sorry, Mr Claw, did not get it?




..the teacher, the wo…(caughs) again man… she, who…. her name…. MS…



Oh, you mean this half-goddes, Sir? Would not be the first ime I am looking for her!




Yes, bring her to us… now go, we have to draw back ( the others have already run back into where the group came from), ach ( caughs) my lungs … good luck!




We’ll join you, Posi …












Outside – Mallaig, the sea, Harris) – Alwin – Lisa – day

( with song/  in backround: Alwin and Lisa are walking to a little harbour, renting a motorboat, driving along the desert coastline, climbing a small hill: a sea eagle, wind and the sea, Lisa and Alwin a on a ferry, Harris)



Inside – a hotelbar in Harris – Lisa, Alwin – morning



Well, Darling, I think we are getting nowhere, so far…



So, to your opinion, what we should do next?




May, be should be open for the people who actually live here, to give us advice…




Yes, Darling, we are surrounded by inhabitants who are willing to guide us, literally, into a literature-journey into the unknown… I for myself am not shure what I am loking for, exactley, so how then should… (hesitates)… oh, no, Alwin, you don’t think of Mr. Dorian Grey, don’t you?




Well, at least, we had a little conversation and we were takling about books and films, remember…?




That was pure coincidence!




That is great! We are straying around here planless, looking for, potentially, multifunctional novel-characters, searching for some kind of hint – and  a complete stranger is beginning a conversation with us, talking about these special books and films – and that is pure coinidence!




You want to see him again…






Sorry, Darling, the point is we interrupted our wonderful holidays in Hawaii to follow your eceptional good intuition … to wander around here through the Highlands of Scotland without further reason to do so… what are you expecting to find here? The Ghost of Alaster road buzzing out of the morning mists to guide us into the Realm of Thin Air?




Alwin, stay reasonable…



Reasonable? We are following your crazy mission here, and you are asking me to stay reasonable? ( Silence a few seconds, then Alwin calms down.) I see, you would have prefered, that Edgar Allen Poe would had invited us into the house of Usher, that would have been the accurate hint, would’ nt it?



LISA ( finally smiles)

Maybe you are right, Darling, maybe Mr Dorain Grey has something in store for us… by the way, are you missing Leonhard?




Lisa…, well, isn’ t it a common truth, that the people you love are always living in you heart…? ( smiles).



LISA (smiles, too, is kissing him)



Outside – Alwin, Lisa in the car – dawning – heavy rainfall





Do you think, this is the correct side road? We haven’ t seen any car for ten minutes, it seems to be a solitary little road here…




That is where Mr Futuroy told us to go, but, anyway, it is rainig cats and dogs, I can’ see anything, anymore… well, I ‘ll have another call (takes his mobile) Hello Sir, sorry for calling you again, but the rain is too strong for us to make our way…. Oh, that is very obliging… I’ ll  park at the road side with floodlights on… thank you very much, Mr Futuroy! ( to Lisa, shortly) his driver is going to guide us…


Outside – The realm of Thin Air – the smaller group




We still have got a few hours time for resting… won’t you have some sleep, Mrs Birdwitch?




Sleep? I cant’ sleep when thinking about the the oportunity to dissolve…



Oh you american bastard, you are only sleeping in a canopy bed, don’ t you?


EULALIA ( looking around furiously)

Who’s it? Penny Lo, you’re not sleeping , don’ t you! That is impertinent!




What‘ s the matter? Let me have my rest!


VOICE ( from another direction)

Dumb numb Madme, you won’t get ist…




I did’ nt say something, Mrs Birdwitch…




It’s me the so grand great greatest double agent of all times… its me, Eusebius, the owlflea!


EULAIA (screeming, rubbing her chin)

I hate that!




( now somewhere above Elester) Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t you know, I have been with you all the time… well, for a short interuption I have been leaving you to spy on the enemy, to bring you the latest news…



An owlflea… you must have been in the book, too.



Exactley, Sir!


What are you talking about. Who is the enenmy?




Outside – Alwin, Lisa in the car – night – heavy rainfall




Heavens thanks, I thought we would have to spend the hole night in the car! But my headache is getting stronger, anyway…



ALWIN ( kisses Lisa, strokes her neck and then starts the car to follow the landrover) And it is not Nosferatos cage to give as direction…(after a while) but I wonder, how long… ( the car slips onto the roadside and ) Darling, are you hurt?



No… the front axle, was’ nt it?



THE DRIVER ( opens the door of the car)

Dear Sir, Mylady, is everything all right? Please leave the car, tomorrow morning someone will take him to house Swansteen. May I please you to take the trouble to end your journey in the car of Mr Futuroy? He would be pleased!( spanning the umbrella to provide shelter from the heavy rainfall. Lisa and Alwin take place in the big Rover).




Outside – The realm of Thin Air – the smaller group


ELESTER( speeking into the air)

So, tell me, you little spy, who is an enemy then?




Well, that is precious information, isn’t it… you pay me in stiches, don’t you? Thirtythree on everyone of you?




This little bloodsucker….!


EUSEBIUS (from somewhere down the ground)

No stiches , no information… and it is inevitable for you to know, unless…



Well, than, you may have your stiches (Eulaia screems).. okey, I ‘ll take  sixtysix… but please tell us…



Outside – Alwin, Lisa in the car – night – heavy rainfall – House Swansteen


ALWIN ( leaves the car, looking up a huge Victorian property)

A nice little hut, isn’t it?



LISA ( a hand on her forehad)

I don’t mind, we can look at it tomorrow, Alwin, my head is bursting…( Alwin embraces her, the driver leads them to the front door, pulls a rope, the door opens, an Asian women welcomes them, they follow her into the great etate of their wealthy host, into the second fllor, where a door opens)



FUTUROY ( very heartly, smiling as being very pleased) I is an honour for me to welcome you as my guests! I’ve heard you had an exhausting journey?



Yes, indeed, thank you very much for sending us a car!



FUTUROY ( with a look to Lisa)

The Lady seems to feel unwell, only natural after you exhausting journey ( gives Lisa a warm smile) Yin Su will lead you to your room, we will have anough time I hope to enjoy ( gives Alwin a longer look, the two man stare at each other for a moment, then Futuroy gives Yin shu a nod, to Lisa nd Alwin) Whish you a recreative sleep and I am looking forward to see you in the morning, good night.









































































Fairy Dust



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