Do you ever wonder if there is something in the world which is able to represent you in such a perfect way that you feel like it is even closer to a mirror which only shows your outside? Mirrors can probably be seen as a great object to represent someone. Because everybody has its own objects or other things which seem like the could be a normal part of their body or soul.

What I believe is, that most people definitely have at least one special song which represents them, their character and story, so fine as if it would be a person as well. That is one which could be played nonstop to them. A song they never get tired of. A song which contains a message which they understand in an intense and deep way. A song which seems to be so much more than any other they ever heard. A song which can be played during good and bad times and yet would always have the perfect effect on them.

It could be every song of this world or only one. It could be that one special part of a song or a whole album. But whatever song it is, it will follow someone through their whole life until the end. Because it is a song deep within. A song so deep that it is not only caught in the heart but also in the soul. A song which seems to be more like an anchor because it can hold a whole person together, whose only world is about to collapse.

People may find the song at the beginning of their lives, maybe they will find it at the very end but they will, even if they do not notice. Because you do not go and listen to the song and be suddenly like ,,Yeah that is the one!” maybe it will but that is not a significant sign. There can be so many songs where you believe it is the one. You only know it is the one song deep within you when you find yourself stumbling upon it again and again. When you suddenly remember and start to search for it, when you feel so lost and start to remember that one song and desperately want to hear it again. It is not a song you realize that it is the one. It is a song which you slowly start to recognize as your special song deep within yourself.  

It probably is a song which could explain your story of life so well, especially to yourself, but also give others a peek into what you already went to and became like.

No song can probably describe you all at once. There are more songs to describe someone's complex personality. There is more needed than only one song. But at least one song, doesn’t matter the genre or whatever, can hold you and keep you going. And at least another song will accompany that one song and will start to explain the other parts of you. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the songs are the opposite of one another, but they will have your red string of life in common. Maybe no one will find this connection or understand the message of them in the way you do, but that is also not the clue, because it is your song or song deep within you.

I know this text must seem random, but that is because it is a random thought I started to follow. Maybe I just wrote rubbish but how shall I know because I follow the flow and turned off my inner critic. What I am interested in know is whether someone else here might feel the same. Am I honestly the only one who thinks this way? But because I know sharing personal things can be different and many people are shy, I will start and share one song which is deep within me. And maybe someone else here who reads this text feels like sharing as well. This is not an order or so, it is an invitation because I started to philosophize on my own again and my friends forbid it and yet I know the would never understand. So maybe someone here does.

That one special song which I realized is deep within me is called ‘The last unicorn’ performed America.

(Sidenote: Little Thanks to Sir Phobos, because he shared one song, I got the idea and was able to follow a thrilling flow again.)


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    This song is of the quality that makes me wish, I would have had the idea and wrote it! Yes, yes, yes, of course it's real!!! ... so to me there is one CD that accompanies me since many years, and it makes me feel good if I#m happy and it makes me feel sad when I'm sad, it even makes my car go faster, distances smaller and hopefully helps saving fuel;-) Well, the latter I cannot really guarantee...

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