They say, you'll know the truth when she stands in front of you.
I’ve never believed that it'll be like this.
Until now.
Now I see you.
I see your eyes. I see the truth.
I’ll never be alone anymore.
You’ll be by my side forever, right?
You won’t leave my alone ever, promise?
I don’t want to lose you, because you are the truth.
You are my truth.
You break all lies.
You uncover all secrets, which surround me.
You are the only one, who knows everything of me.
The one who knows the whole truth, which I hide behind a mask.
Please be silent, when I beg you.
Don’t hurt me. Stay by my side.
I need you to be with me and I know, you will never leave me.
You are I and I am you.
We’re lost when we’re apart. Lost in the neverending river of time.
In this game fate plays with us nobody knows how it will end.
Neither when it will end nor where it will end.
I only know: without you I am alone.
I will avoid this at any prize.
And I know: you will never leave me.
You can’t forsake me without breaking into pieces.


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    beautiful :)

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    very beautiful!

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    Very nice poem. It seems a little menacing at the end, so I am curious, is this piece also of skalarian origin? Really looking forward to read more from you!

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