The Volt's Birth

Time: 7:00 AM

Day : Friday

Date : 21 / 10 / 2018

Location : Classified

"General, director of NASA; Turner Smith wants to meet you." said a soldier.

"Get him in," said General Martin.

While drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper , Turner entered the room. He seemed pretty much confused. "Good morning general." said Turner.

"What brings you here turner?" asked the general.

"Not good general, not good at all. There's a meteor coming toward us and it will probably impact after hours." said Turner.

"And you came to inform me just right now! Why couldn't you inform me earlier!?" General Martin shouted.

"I'm sorry to say this but this thing has made a slight difference in our magnetic field which temporarily disabled our telescopes, our sat-nav system, and all satellites. It's like a temporary electromagnetic pulse,Two satellites are down in the pacific ocean." Turner explained.

"Anybody is hurt?" the general asked turner

"5 ships , 2 planes  have suddenly disappeared from the radar  sir." Said a soldier

"Can't we just shoot this damn thing using an A-bomb, destroy it once and for all ?!" The general was losing his patience.

"We don't know exactly what could happen if we launched an A-bomb. You see, this thing produces waves that are unidentifiable." said turner.
The general looked at the director angrily.

"Where the hell did it come from?" The general asked

"Unexpectedly through some sort of portal from another dimension; it appears to be from another galaxy - Look I believe this thing is not from our solar system at least, you must see this video that our satellite sent a few minutes ago." Turner then opened the projector and played a video. A meteor appeared suddenly near planet Mars and through a portal of what looked very similar to a wormhole.
The meteor passed through the portal at an overwhelming speed. Soon it was gradually slowing down. Stopping the video, the director turned back around.

"General, it was sending a wave that repel with all of small rocks in the space. I'm afraid this thing could make a lot of global Catastrophes . It may even change Earth's magnetic field temporary, it could cause earthquakes! We have no idea what kind of meteors we're dealing with." said Turner.

"There must be a solution for this problem , There must be a way to destroy it." said General Martin.

"I'm afraid to tell you nothing can destroy it. This thing is moving by 0.84 % speed of light even our fastest engines can't reach that speed and it's just a solid rock ." said turner

"You are saying this thing is undestroyable?" said the general.

"Indeed it is , may god have mercy on us all" said turner.

- The general picked up the phone to inform the president about the meteor -

Day : Friday
Time : 12:45 PM
place : Washington D.C., U.S.A

My name is Tyler , and today is kinda my best day ,because it's my birthday.

-Tyler Jeff, A 24 year-old blonde guy and already graduated from California University. He is tall , He's about 185 Cm . He has blue eyes. He likes keeping on fitness. -

and I'm waiting for my-

"Hey Tyler,"
Friend. And he arrived.

-John is a 24 year-old guy too but Tyler is older than him two months , H He has short straight, black hair ,And black eyes , He is shorter than Tyler , He is about 173 cm -

Well John was my classmate and now the best friend.
I shook his hand.

"Ready to be beaten? " I grinned.
"We know who's going to lose, Tyler!" John said.
I went outside with him to play some catch. My mom was preparing the dinner while my dad was watching TV.
"The weather today is good the temperature is moderate the sun is shining," said the television announcer.
"So what's new?" said Jeff after minutes of playing football.
"Tyler the dinner is ready, come in!" called mom.
"Wait mom we haven't finished our game yet." I replied. I continued playing with John. "Come on John pass it, pass it now!" I said.
"Nah, I'm not sure about that." laughed John.
It started to become dark and it was about to rain. The weather was so bad; a thunderstorm was knocking on the door. I felt cold but I was still playing with my friend until I heard the thunder. I looked up at the sky and found a bright object falling down. Then I realized it wasn't thunder, it was the sound of this thing coming right toward me. It was so shiny and beautiful I couldn't stop staring at it.
"Tyler come in this thing is going to fall down!" yelled mom.
I didn't hear her as I was staring at the falling meteor until it hit the ground. I fell over from the impact. A bright flash filled my sight, then everything was blank.

"Oh God, my son! Tyler! Are you okay? Can you hear me? Tyler! Tyler!" cried my mom. The sound of her voice was decreasing with every word. I started to wake up and opened my eyes, finding myself at the hospital. My family was sitting around me. My mom was crying, my father was falling asleep on the chair.
"Mom! Why am I in the hospital? What happened to me!?" I tried sitting up but pain suddenly spread through my limbs.
"Unfortunately, you were struck by a meteor lightning." A strange man appeared at the door.

"And who the hell are you!?" my dad stood up.

"Excuse me. My name is Henry Michel. Some call me Dr. Henry."

"Why exactly are you here?" my dad asked.

"I'm here for answers." Dr. Henry said, taking a few steps into the room.

"What do you mean by meteor lighting!?" I asked

"As known, meteors cannot produce lightning, but this one was completely extraordinary. It was able to absorb the lightning Energy and produce an electric spark which struck you" he didn't look like he was making this up. My parents were staring at him and so did I. He asked my parents to let me visit his lab so he can see what this thing did to my body, including doing some tests on me. He handed My dad his card.

My parents didn't agree at first, but later they felt very worried for me and changed their minds. Dr. Henry left, the real doctor came to check my vitals. He started to connect me to some medical devices. Then my parents left.

When he connected the device to measure my heart rate, It blew up like it was connected to a pretty High voltage, and then i felt like i was electrically charged. The whole hospital lights went out, and the doctor was shocked. I felt electricity run in my blood. I freaked out and took Dr. Henry's card from the table and ran out. I went to a phone booth and called him right away. "Hello? Is this Dr. Henry?!" I asked. My whole body was shaking.

"Yes, speaking. Who's talking?"

"I'm Tyler -the guy who got struck by the meteor lightning- and i'm coming to your lab. I believe I'm in great trouble doctor, please help me." I said.

"Sure,It's always great to help , meet me there in about 15 minutes." He replied. I was running through the city as fast as I could. People looked afraid of me, a lot of them were giving me strange looks. I didn't care and continued on, only arriving at Dr. Henry's lab in a few minutes.


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