I am here. But no one sees me.
I am talking. But nobody is listening.
I am breathing. But no one cares.
I was there.
They never cared.


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    Strong. Reminds me of Eleanor Rigby and Father McKenzie.

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    Yes you are not alone. :) Sad but beautifuel poem, great job. :3

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    One gloomy yet expressive poem you wrote there. The use of only a few words and the way the verses were arranged add to the overall heaviness of your poem. I’d say that I enjoyed reading it but it’s too much of a cheerful word to use in this context, I guess; However, you did a good job there. And last but definitely not least, always remember that there are people who care about you, too. You’re not alone.

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    Sad but beautiful dear Zora! Nice to read from you! :-)

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