I came home feeling so tired
And saw you looking so weird.

The doctor said it didn´t look good for you,
Already this seemed like a bad clue.

We were told there´s something we could try,
But probably this night you would die.

At first I didn´t know what so say,
All I wanted was to make you stay.

I knew that your death would be wrong
Because in spite of all you still were so strong.

I was with you when you fell asleep
And tried very hard not to weep.

They promised to call when the operation was done;
I prayed that then you would not be gone.

At home, a time of hoping, wishing, crying,
Always afraid that right now you might be dying.

I fought so hard with my fears,
They brought me so many tears.

I begged to God so much this night,
For you to fight with all your might.

At midnight there was the call,
You survived the operation, but will you survive at all?

I just hope so my beloved friend,
But If not I will stay with you until the end.


Fairy Dust



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