The legend tells of but a man
who arose above them all
for he had the strongest wish
to bleed the gods and see them fall

he was once of land and joy
of plow and seed, the source of life
he fathered once, a girl and boy
he married once, a gorgeous wife

then he stood between their graves
changed and ravaged to the core
made his mind on what he craves
and by these words to death he swore

I will make the mountains melt
in the fires of my eye
you will see that I was meant
when the gods surrend the sky

there's no foe that I won't best
to give the gods what they all lack
well deserved eternal rest
by the chisel of my axe

I am Odin with two eyes
I'm the rider with no horse
I'm the truth in Loki's lies
I'm the weakness of the force

my tree of veins is blazed afire
and it pumps my heart with brame
for I had joy, now one desire
I'm the ocean set aflame

to drink the sea of sacred horn
climb the steps of woven wind
find the reason I was born
slay the gods for they have sinned

I'm the leader and the vanguard
wield my shield with arms of Thor
I've become the death of Asgard
end of later and before.


Fairy Dust



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