Think of the cold december night,
When you said goodbye and took your flight,
Excited, yet with heavy heart,
One last goodbye before the journey's start;
A trip into unknown,
Way beyond the comfort zone,
Trying it, just to see if could,
Believe me, I never doubted you would,
And I'm so proud of you,
You did it, it's true!
You mastered the problems and all of the pain,
It may've been hard but it wasn't in vain:
Think of all the people you met,
Who became friends you'll never forget;
Think of cold nights in a tend,
And the magic behind every moment,
Think of freedom under the nightly sky,
Or standing on top of the mountains so high,
Think of everything you saw and did,
And cherish the memory, every little bit!

It is over now but don't you cry,
It's "I'll come back" and not "Goodbye",
But before that I'm happy to say,
It's great that you're back home today!


Fairy Dust



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