i was a starfish and sorrowful
the most sorrowful starfish by far
life in the darkness is horrible
when scared is all that you are

and well, down on the ground of the ocean
it was far too dark to see
fear is a strong emotion
and the only one left in me

with some powerful force's assistance 
i was washed upon the shore
it was when i saw you in the distance 
that i wasn't afraid anymore

i'm a starfish
you're a star
i want to be with you
but you're too far

then a strange thing happens - you're being washed away
drowning in the light of a beginning new day

on the verge of despair
i search for your face
are you still there?
or at a different place?

the light starts to blind me
i can't see anymore
it's just like the darkness i've been in before

i am the starfish
you are the star
where are you?
i can't see you
you're too far
will i see you again?
i think i'm dying
this can't be- THE END -

but wait - did you know?
a sad little starfish like me
once out of the dark, it absorbs the sun's glow
and after it got too light to see
i woke up in the sky with you next to me

i was a starfish
now i'm a star
both darkness and light
are neither scary nor far

also you, you're right next to me
and all these new colours!

i can finally see


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